Team Midwest Incentives:

The top 3 teams from the Midwest with the most points at the end of the combined Spring and Fall seasons will receive a cash reward at the WC banquet. 

  • First Place = $750
  • Second Place = $500
  • Third Place = $250

Points Opportunities:

  • Tournament Preparedness
    • Having MCWSA, NCWSA, Conference money ready and correct (cash/check)
      • 5 pts.
    • Having all eligibility forms completed and correct
      • Points early (the Sunday prior to Conference) – 20pts
      • Point as of Friday – complete and correct – 5 points
  • Officials Points
    • Judges and Scorers
      • 10  pts. per event for new and upgraded Judges and Scorers
      • 2 pt. per event worked (after completing your rating). 
    • Drivers
      • 10 pts. per event for new and upgraded Drivers (Assistant and above)
      • 3 pt. per event worked for Drivers (after completing your rating)
    • Safety
      • 10 pts. per new and upgraded Safety (state and above)
      • 4pts. per tournament worked (ratings per event are not required and are not trackable, only the Chief Safety position at a tournament can be tracked, thus the higher number of points is given)
    • TC (Technical Coordinator)
      • 10 pts. for a new TC rating
      • 4 pts. per tournament worked (TC can only be tracked per tournament, so higher points are awarded).
  • Other Tournament Help Points
    • Rope Handling
      • 1 pt. per person to help (must be at least a couple rounds and must be radioed in)
    • Dock Starting
      • 1 pt. per person to help (must be at least a couple rounds and must be radioed in)
    • Waivers ALL completed by 2 days before the tournament starts (3pts)
  • Random: The Midwest Executive Board can present point opportunities throughout the year at their discretion.


Additional Information

  • You can find your personal ratings and events worked on the USA waterski homepage (see previous email for more information).
  • If something doesn’t show up for an event/tournament you will need to contact the Chief Official immediately.  To prevent further confusion, make sure when you work as an official that it is recorded in the computer and it is recommended that you check at the end of the tournament as well.
  • One person on the team should collect all the screenshots for the entire team to be sent in one email to your chairperson.
  • Only collegiate tournaments will be counted for points, though we encourage you to stay involved and help at summer tournaments as well!