Dad of Team Midwest

School Western Michigan University – Degree in BS

Home Town Grand Rapids, MI

Favorite Event Jump – #Huisman Can’t Jump

PBs Slalom 4.5@ Long – 32, Trick 20, Jump: Not Very Far…

Favorite Non-tournament Water Ski Event House Boat Trip out west

Hobbies Gelling my hair, following Nick Devries

Favorite Skison Quote “I can jump that far! – Marshall Erickson” – David Huisman

VICE CHAIRMAN – Chris Kownick

School Iowa State University
Home Town Cary, IL
Favorite Event boat wiping down
PBs slalom 3 @ 36 15’, trick – not enough, jump – 97’
Favorite Non-tournament Water Ski Event Quaff announcing
Hobbies frozen water skiing, hunting, controlling the AUX
Favorite Skison Quote “H^3: handle up, head down, heel pressure” – works for all three events


School Iowa State University – Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Home Town Herscher, IL
Favorite Event Slalom
PBs Slalom – 2@34 22′; Jump – 51′; Trick – I got like half way around on a flip once.
Favorite Non-tournament Water Ski Event Team ski trip out west.
Hobbies Intramural sports, hunting, snowboarding, hiking.
Favorite Skison Quote “Ski Fast, Eat A**” (Its engraved on my slalom handle)
“If you’re gonna suck, suck hard.” – Andy Vespestad


School Missouri State University- Degree in Administrative management
Home Town Lake Lotawana MO
Favorite Event Jump
PBs Trick , Slalom 4.5 @28off, Jump 99ft
Favorite Non-tournament Water Ski Event Quaff
Hobbies Snow Skiing, Crossfit, Mountain Biking, Sailing, Camping, and traveling
Favorite Skison Quote “It’s 9pm and this is some 2 am Sh*t” – Pat Shull every Fall Showdown “It’s RTB time Return to Bed”

WEB MASTER – Ari erkmann

School Miami University – Political Science
Home Town Arlington, VA
Favorite Event Jump
PBs Jump – 55ft, Trick – I can do a side slide, Slalom – aspiring mini course champ 
Favorite Non-tournament Water Ski Event Ski-giving & Ski Spring Break
Hobbies super plops, missing flights, dock talk, sunday activities
Favorite Skison Quote “It’s Van Wert not Vietnam”


School Miami University – Political Science
Home Town Cincinnati, OH
Favorite Event Jump
PBs Jump – 62ft, Trick –940, Slalom – 2 @ 32off
Favorite Non-tournament Water Ski Event Screwski, Ski-giving

Hobbies dock talk, sleeping before sets, running the boat out of gas
Favorite Skison Quote “You’ll have that on your bigger jobs”


School Iowa State University- Architecture
Home Town Eldridge, IA
Favorite Event Slalom 
PBs 5@36 15 off, trick 460, jump 40ft
Favorite Non-tournament Water Ski Event Ski-Christmas
Hobbies canoeing, hiking, skipping class, baking banana bread 
Favorite Skison Quote Favorite ski season quote: *45 mph gust of wind, whitecaps on the entire lake- “Just a tad windy out here, get your ski on!”


School Iowa State University- Mechanical Engineering
Home Town Lake St. Louis, MO
Favorite Event Trickz (I know unpopular opinion)
PBs Trick- 1820 points, Slalom- 2@35 off’, Jump- 70’
Favorite Non-tournament Water Ski Event Off-season snow skiing with water skiers (liquid H2O>> Frozen H2O)
Hobbies Chewing ice, Handing water out at parties,
Basketball, Traveling
Favorite Skison Quote “Pull harder suck less.”