Christy Kingsmill


University of Iowa lumni - Degree in
Spanish and Education
Hometown: Roselle, IL
Favorite Event: Jump
PBs: Trick 280, Slalom 3@26mph, Jump 50'
Favorite Non-tournament Water Ski Event:
Winter Conference = The entire Team
Midwest family gets to be in one place for an
entire weekend!
Hobbies: Crafting, Singing, Traveling, Baking,
Being supa hawt
Favorite Skison Quote: "Becuase Mom said so..."

David Huisman


Dad of Team Midwest
Western Michigan University - Degree in BS
HomeTown: Grand Rapids, MI
Favorite Event: Jump - #Huisman Can't Jump
PBs: Slalom 4.5@ Long - 32, Trick 20, Jump:
Not Very Far...
Favorite Non-tournament Water Ski Event:
House Boat Trip out west
Hobbies: Gelling my hair, following Nick
Favorite Skison Quote: "I can jump that far! -
Marshall Erickson" - David Huisman

Ben Bye


Iowa State University - Major in Elementary
Hometwon: New Brighton, MN
Favorite Event: Jump
PBs: Trick LOL, Slalom 1 @28mph, Jump 74'
Favorite Non-tournament Water Ski Event:
Traveling to different schools to visit fellow
Hobbies: Alpine Skiing, Four Wheeling, Jet
Skiing, Spending time with Skiers
Favorite Skison Quote: "Just don't tell Mom."

Margaret Silhasek


Univerissyt of Nebraska-Lincoln - Degrees in
Broadcast Production and Economics
Hometown: Byron, MN
Favorite Event: Jump
PBs: Does 4th event count??
Favorite Non-tournament Water Ski Event: I
love going to Bennett's Ski School after finals
week every year! It's so fun to meet people
from other schools (and countries) who are
there at the same time.
Hobbies: Singing, playing piano, Wishing I
was as cool as Christy, etc.
Favorite Skison Quote:
(least favorite quote at 7am)... bullhorn

Andrew Olesak


Grand Valley State University - Degree in
Computer Science
Hometown: Da U.P. Eh!
Favorite Event: Slalom
PBs: Slalom 1.5@36 22off, Trick -5 in style points, Jump 73'
Favorite Non-tournament Water Ski Event:
Ski-giving dinner
Hobbies: Mario Kart, puppy love, Lots of dad
Favorite Skison Quote: "Wait, I put my trick
ski on the wrong foot!"

Anna Prior


The Ohio State University- BA in Arts Management
Hometown: Boulder, CO
(but Team Midwest till I die)
Favorite Event: All of them!
PBs: Slalom 3@32mph, Trick 450, Jump 54’
Favorite Non-Tournament Waterski Event: Nothing beats a week at Bennett’s with the team!
Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Traveling, Musical Theatre, talking about Colorado
Favorite Skison Quote: “Education is important, but skiing is importanter"

Daniel Miurdy


University of Nebraska - Bachelors of Science
in Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Janesville, WI
Favorite Event: Jump
PBs: Slalom 3@32 15off, Trick 540 points,
Jump 66'
Favorite Non-tournament Water Ski Event:
Ski Prom
Hobbies: Wait people do things besides
water skiing? I like barefooting sometimes...
Favorite Skison Quote: "Tape *****!!!"