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    What skier posted the biggest scores and helped carry their team to victory of the past season?

    AvatarNicole Willy

    Jake Markusic from MSU

    AvatarNicole Willy

    Chris McGinnis from MSU

    AvatarDevin Reeves

    Kathryn Miller from Ohio State put up great scores in all three events! She handled the pressure of being the women’s team’s best skier in two of three events incredibly well and even gave our fourth and fifth round jumpers a run for their money! Her consistency, versatility, and talent were crucial for our women’s team.

    AvatarJessica Nieters

    Lauren Goldman – IU

    Much of IU’s recent growth and success can be attributed to Lauren’s hard work on and off the water. Her love for the sport is something that she selflessly shares with others. She was an amazing source of support and information for skiing and how to improve our team as a whole.

    AvatarSam Mills

    Anjelica Werning- WMU

    I don’t even know where to start. Her performances on the water are eye catching every time. Her complete ski profile throughout all three events is just insane taking the number 1 woman’s skier at conferences. Her waterskiing IQ is through the roof. She’s our go to coach anytime there is someone leanring a new trick or just struggling that day. I’ve learned so much about waterskiing and the mental game of waterskiing from Anj. I never knew there was more to waterskiing than waterskiing until I met Anj. Her inside and outside knowledge of waterskiing is amazing. Her commitment and consistency is a key point in our success. Anj is always cheering us up and getting our team going with her outstanding performances!

    AvatarAllie Steele

    Jose Luis Tejada- Purdue

    A lot of people put in a lot of hard work to make strides for themselves and for their teams. But at the end of the day it’s still the numbers that speak volumes and qualify you and your team for the national tournament. Jose is incredibly dedicated- just like a lot of us, but on the water, Jose is a force to be reckoned with and performing at levels a lot of us only dream of. “Jose from Purdue” is a name that everyone knows and is the best overall skier in the Midwest. Jose put up scores of 2.5 bouys @ 35′ off in slalom, 140 ft in jump (at 31.7!) and 2570 in trick, leaving him ranked first in the region in jump, trick and overall.

    AvatarNick Foltenyi

    Sonja Konzen

    AvatarAnna Prior

    After spending some time at Swerve last summer, Kathryn “Kit Kat” Miller came in this season with some big scores for the team! She was our 5th round slalomer and tricker, and broke that 50’ mark in Jump! Kathryn was a three event rockstar and put up crucial team points all season long! Only a sophomore, I can’t wait to see how Kit Kat continues to improve as a skier during her next two years!!

    AvatarAnna Prior

    Evan Monaghan was another crucial asset for Ohio State’s success. For everyone who knows Evan, they can agree that he is a super strong skier in all three events. He almost always brought in more team points than any other OSU skier! Evan’s best event is Slalom, where he slays buoys into 28 off. Evan also put up big jump scores, coming really close to breaking into the century club! And despite his blatant hatred for trick, he went out every weekend and put up a solid 500 pt trick score. Evan is definitely an MVP!

    AvatarAndrew Dicks

    Will Moyers – ND

    There might not be anyone that does more for their team than Will. He’s Notre Dame’s 5th round for all three events. He finished 4th overall at Conferences posting crazy scores of 1.5 @ 36/22off, 570 points, and 73 feet. But as great a skier as he is on the water, what he does off the water is arguably more impressive. I’ve known Will for a couple years now, and nobody goes harder in recruiting new skiers to try to build a program than he does. His dedication to ND Water Ski is something we can all aspire to have with our respective teams. In addition to that, he is an extremely active member in the MCWSA community as a whole, serving his second term as the Great Lakes Conference Treasurer. His spirit and cheerful disposition are the embodiment of collegiate water skiing, and you’re truly blessed if you’ve ever gotten the chance to hear him as the announcer at a tournament. Notre Dame and Michigan are technically rivals, but he’s got a second team in Ann Arbor, and I’m sure MSU and GVSU would say the same.

    AvatarAndrew Dicks

    Sonja Konzen – Michigan

    Sonja’s rise to the top of collegiate water skiing was crazy. For those that don’t know, she joined the team as a junior. At the time, she had skiing experience, but she had definitely never touched a trick ski or seen a jump. She came to Swerve with us one weekend and landed her first jump, and since that moment, she was hooked. During her junior year, she became a jump specialist, but going into senior year, we needed more production from her if we stood any chance of making it to nationals. Little did we know how good she would get…

    PBs: 5 @ 30mph (allentucky), 630 pts (regionals), 72 ft (nationals)

    Individual Results:
    – Allentucky: 1st in Jump, 2nd in Trick, 1st Overall
    – Ripfest: 2nd in Jump, 2nd Overall
    – Conferences: 1st in Jump
    – Regionals: 4th in Jump
    – Nationals: 4th in Jump, 5th Overall

    Everyone knows how important female skiers are to a team’s success, and that is evident in the performances Sonja gave us on a consistent basis all season. There’s a reason she was voted team MVP and her numbers speak for themselves. Our success would not have been possible without Sonja’s skiing, which is why I believe she is deserving of Most Valuable Skier.

    AvatarHunter Duffy

    Jose Louis Tejada – Purdue

    No question Jose is the best all around skier in the midwest and is by far the most deserving of this award. No matter the weather conditions, Jose is always going to perform at a high level. Jose won trick in every tournament this fall including nationals, he won jump in every midwest tournament and took second in D2 nationals, then in slalom he either took first or second in each tournament and then tied for 5th in D2 nationals. These stats just describe domination. Easily the most valuable skier to be in the midwest.

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