MCWSA Board Members

Christy Kingsmill - MCWSA Chair Woman
University of Iowa Alumni – Degree in Spanish and Education
Hometown: Roselle, IL
Favorite Event: Jump
PBs: Trick 280, Slalom 3@26mph, Jump 50’
Favorite Non-tournament Water Ski Event: Winter Conference – The entire Team Midwest family gets to be in one place for an entire weekend!
Hobbies: Crafting, Singing, Traveling, Baking, Being supa hawt
Favorite Skison Quote: “The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything that comes along their way!”
Emily Van Treese – Vice Chair
Miami University Alumni- Degree in Organizational Communication
Hometown: Wherever my car lands for the week/month
Favorite Event: MCWSA Regionals
Collegiate PB’s: 2740 trick, a bit at 28off slalom
Favorite non-tournament event: Karaoke with Christy
Hobbies: Wine night and board games with friends, kayaking, paddle boarding, baking
Favorite Skison Quote: “Just stop sucking….no seriously, I’m going to need you to do better.”
Jim Aksamit – Treasurer
University of Wisconsin Alumni – Madison, Neurobiology Major
Hometown: Rochester, MN
Favorite Event: Jump
PBs: Jump 70’, Slalom 4@34, Trick 500ish
Favorite non-tournament water ski event: The Midwest regional quaffing tournament
Hobbies: Workout, swimming, hockey, snow sports
Favorite Skison Quote: “You friggen did er bud”
Michael Newth – Webmaster
Kansas State University Alumni – B.S. in Journalism/Mass Communications – Advertising
Hometown: Sabetha, KS
Favorite Event: Slalom
PBs: Slalom 3.5@34, Trick 780, Jump 85ft
Favorite non-tournament water ski event: Ski Prom
Other Hobbies: there’s life outside waterskiing? camping, hiking, photography, making t-shirts!
Favorite Skison quote: To first time jumpers – “You can’t get hurt jumping!”
Bryan Condra - Great Lakes Chairman
Grand Valley State University, Finance and Accounting major
Hometown: Hartland, Michigan
Favorite Event: Trick
PBs: Trick: 1290, Slalom: 4 @22 off, Jump: 95 feet
Favorite non-tournament water ski event: Show Skiing of any kind
Other Hobbies: Any and all sports, hanging out with family and friends, hiking and camping.
Favorite Skison quote: “There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!”
Dylan Brittain - Great Plains Chairman
University of Kansas, Human Biology – Anthropology, PreMed
Hometown: Wichita, Kansas
Favorite Event: Trick
PBs: 3540, Slalom: 4 @35 off, Jump: 135
Favorite non-tournament water ski event: Gelande Quaffing
Other Hobbies: Traveling, basketball, hunting, fishing, snow skiing, lifting.
Favorite Skison quote: “Have you ever skied?” “No” “Want to go over the jump” “Sure!”
Austin Condra – Team Recruitment Chair
Michigan State University Alumni – Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Fenton, MI
Favorite Event: Jump!
PBs: Slalom:2.5@32off 36mph, Trick:910pts, Jump:115ft
Favorite non-tournament water ski event: MSU Waterski Formal
Other Hobbies:Soccer, Swimming, Hiking, Climbing, Dancing like a white boy at the bar, Spending time with family and friends.
Favorite Skison quote: Regards to jump sets: “1st is for the Team, get a land in the books; 2nd is for you, go set a new PB; 3rd is for the Hospital, you cant be too late, never pass…. FOR THE MORGUE!!!!”
Matthew Kownick – Team Development Chair
Iowa State University – B.S. Mechanical Engineering -minor in Entrepreneurial Studies
Hometown: Cary, IL
Favorite Event: Jump
PBs: Slalom 3.5 @ 34, Trick 860, Jump 108′
Favorite non-tournament water ski event: 1.The Midwest Regional Quaffing Tournament 2. Traveling through 19 states and counting just to ski on water.
Other Hobbies: Snow Skiing, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Show Skiing, Swing Dancing, Ball sports of all kinds
Favorite Skison quote: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”-Ferris Bueller
Michael Testa - Officials Chair
Marquette University – Marketing & Commercial Real Estate
Hometown: Joliet, Illinois
Favorite Event: Do I have to pick one?
PBs: Slalom 4@36, Jump 75’, Trick 810pts
Favorite non-tournament water ski event: Winter Conference!
Hobbies: Skiing, working way too many hours, taking a good poop, cooking, Netflix, cat naps, power naps, safety meetings, and a
Favorite Skison Quotes: “Would you rather shoot spaghetti out of your fingertips or throw up puppies?”
“But instead of having the next big thing in medical imaging, you could have a SICK MU butt tat!”
Tucker Johnson – Alumni Liaison
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Pursuing MBA, B.S. in Economics and Finance
Hometown: Hartford, SD
Favorite Event: Slalom
PBs: Slalom 3@34, Trick 370, Jump 57’
Favorite non-tournament water ski event: Annual disabled water ski clinic
Hobbies: Hunting, snow skiing, traveling, writing, cooking, golf, disc golf, and raging with my brother