Jepawhit Ski Fest 2014

Hosted By: Silver Spray Sport
Date: September 6-7
Practice on Friday, September 5 – $10 per set starting after 4:00 pm

Friday night, after all teams arrive. @ camp site (approximately 9:30 p.m.)

• Location: Lake Jepawhit, 9209 Baldwin Rd Gaines Twp MI 48436 (No glass on site. No alcohol on ski site. All NCWSA rules apply.
• Accommodations: Camping ½ Mile from site at Spooky Trails
o All CARS are to be parked in the designated PARKING AREA…if you are sleeping in your car then you are to sleep in the PARKING AREA.

• Entry Fee: $35 per person + $5 site usage fee = $40 1-3 events and $35 team fee (includes camping fee)
• Entry Deadline: 9/4/11 Before 8pm, Schedule of Events: Sat: will be announced at morning meeting Sun: Jump
• Start Time: 7:30 am both days (subject to change)

ALL skiers need to be on site by 7:00 a.m. for an ALL SKIER MEETING.
YES, I do mean EVERY SKIER. (If you are not on site for this meeting you will not ski)

*Sunday events may start on Saturday or Saturday events may be pushed to Sunday. We will run B team immediately following A team in each event.
The theme for Saturday night will be A.B.C (Anything But Clothes).

*Please complete rosters online at

Any questions please contact me at or call 810-577-0213 (I prefer phone calls)

All MEALS SERVED ON SITE ARE INCLUDED IN YOUR ENTRY! Those in attendance, but not participating (i.e. friends, family members), are welcome to join us for all meals for $ 5.00

An additional Silver Spray Sports wavier will need to be completed by all skiers after arriving to the site. Any teams with minors, please call 810-629-6370 to have a copy faxed to your team.
You will not be allowed to ski unless these waivers are completed.

***Please make all checks payable to***
Barefooting Unlimited.

Questions? Contact Whitney Smith, e-mail:, Phone: 810-577-0213