Great Plains Conference Championships

Hosted By Waters Edge and Madison

*September 20-21 in Wilmington, IL at Waters Edge.  I-55 to Wilmington Exit 241, take a left until road ends, then take a right, at first light take a left and site is on your left hand side *There is construction at the bridge on 55 we suggest taking this alternate route – Take I-80 east to Rt 53 south, take rt 53 south to peotone rd, take a left on peotone and the site is on your left

*Online Registration due by noon on Thursday

*Eligiblity Letters-email to Jeff Surdej by noon on Thursday-no faxes, please scan


*Waivers-these should all be signed online

*Entry fee $35 skier and Team fee $25 per Team:  Checks payable to Waters Edge. Bring to site

*USAwaterski membership per skier-no need to bring proof unless a skier signed up within 48 hours of event

*NCWSA team dues-$30 Checks payable to NCWSA. Bring to site
*MCWSA team dues-$30 Checks payable to MCWSA (waived for first year teams) . Bring to site
*NCWSA skier dues-$5 per skier that have or will ski in any event this fall. Checks payable to NCWSA. Bring to site

*Roster form- this is not your roster but the form that certifies your team from the school, see Bring to site

*ANYONE WHO CAN NOT BE ON SITE BY 11PM FRIDAY YOU NEED TO SEND A NUMBER WHERE I CAN CALL YOU AND SEE IF THERE ARE ANY CHANGES TO YOUR ROSTER, after 11pm there will be no changes so we can start printing running orders.

*If you are bringing a motorhome contact ahead of time so we can plan for parking

*There is no sleeping in cars at this site, everyone must have a tent

*Event Schedule:  Friday no practice
Saturday Lake 1-WAJ, WBJ, MBJ, MBT, WBT, MAJ
Saturday Lake 2-MAS, MAT, WAT, WBS, MBS
Sunday Lake 1-MAJ, remaining B events
Sunday Lake 2-WAS, remaining B events

*If you looks like you are going to be skiing on 2 lakes at once b/c you ski both A and B team please let the Chief Judge  Jeff Surdej know and he will work around it but always ski your A team event first and in order as on the running order, we will fit you into B team when you’re done skiing on the A team lake.

*There will be full B Team with the 2 jump rule.  Events will start promptly at 7:30am

*GPCC annual conference meeting Saturday after events on site, mandatory for all captains and presidents


¨      No bottles or glass of any kind
¨      Dogs must be on leashes at all times, please pick up after them
¨      No swimming after dark
¨      Please keep tents tight together so we can fit everyone
¨      Keep camp site clean, pick up when you leave on Sunday
¨      Gate closes at 11:00pm on Saturday, no one will be allowed back to their cars in the parking lot so have everything you need by 11pm which also means no sleeping in your vehicles.
¨      This site is loading with about 50 home owners, we need to do all we can to keep their respect, please do not drive down side streets or be excessively loud late into the night


¨      Saturday night:  DJ and theme for Sat.
¨      Medals for top 5 skiers in each event/overall. Trophies for all competing teams. Awards Sunday after Jump
¨      GPCC shirts will be for sale
¨      Concessions available