Nebraska Hits Fundraising Goal to Buy Trailer!

The University of Nebraska Water Ski Team has been fundraising by working concessions for various events at Pinnacle Bank Arena (PBA) for the last three years! After finally hitting a savings goal, the team purchased a trailer from the Husker fans at Colorado Trailer! The decals were designed by Tayler […]

#TeamNewsTuesday Spring Break Adventures: Western & Midwestern Regions

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘feed’ in /home1/joey/public_html/thencwsa/wp-content/plugins/contextual-related-posts/includes/content.php on line 179 Every spring students are given the opportunity to take a break from their school responsibilities. Many collegiate skiers take this chance to either improve their skiing, or go on team vacations. Ski School Even though waterskiers have a break from […]

Midwest Teams Kick Off Spring at Purdue Springfest

The annual Purdue University Springfest at Swerve Watersports Center in Hillsboro, Tennessee was a beautiful tournament that 14 teams attended this past weekend. These teams traveled from all over the Midwest, coming from both Great Lakes and Great Plains conferences, to compete in their first tournament since the brutal winter. […]

Team Midwest Announces 2019 All-Stars

The 22nd annual Midwest Winter Conference doubled as the debut of the 2019 All-Stars team. Before the snow had melted and all the lakes thawed, the team primed for Tennesse. Listed below are the top Midwest skiers invited to compete for their region at 2019 NCWSA All-Stars. Some changes may […]