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    The MCWSA
    The MCWSA

    Which freshman made the biggest impact on their team this year in the MCWSA? Maybe they put up big scores, or brought in some new talent!

    Be sure to tell us why you think your nomination should be selected!


    Lindsay Grajek

    Jackie Hardie- Jackie joined The University of Michigan’s ski team this season as a freshman. (Actually we hunted her down because we heard whispers that she could shred). Lucky for us the rumors were true! Due to some darn gates Jackie’s PB was 4 bouys at 28 mph hour this season, but we know she can run that easily and more! Her form is going to take her very far in the years to come.
    Jackie also learned trick and jump this season. We could always count on her to pull out a land when we needed it most!


    Sara Condra

    Jackie Hardie – University of Michigan
    Although she may be of the rival school, there is no doubt that this incredible girl deserves Rookie of the Year. It was awesome watching Jackie throughout her freshman season to develop into, not only a key competitor for UM as an athlete, but also a young leader for the team. Jackie was always there to cheer her teammates (and other team midwest skiers) and was constantly trying to improve her skill set to perform her best and put up some killer scores. My favorite part of watching Jackie this season, was seeing the passion for competitive 3 event grow within her (catching that ski bug:)). Even months after season was over, Jackie was reaching out to me, asking for feedback and leaning into what she can improve upon for next season. Jackie is a go-getter, and with all she contributed in her first season, I cannot wait to see the improvement in her skiing and the impact she will have on the MCWSA in the future years to come.



    Reid Miller (MAD). A-team for all 3 events, future president and an aspiring conference and regionals DJ. He’s an incredibly bright individual and I foresee Reid being a dominant force in collegiate skiing for years to come. #WeSkiForReid


    Mark Coyne

    Anna Zallek (Illinois)

    Anna Zallek is a freshman who joined the University of Illinois ski team last fall and was recently nominated as our treasurer. She had only skied a few times before joining and within 2 practices with us she was already attempting to jump. She was one of two freshman we dragged to conference and I am pretty sure she was shocked by the ski culture of tents and booze. She was slated to jump for our team even though she had never landed a jump before. We went out there and landed all three jumps. Anna is the definition of clutch.

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    Evan Marcus

    Reid Miller- UW-Mad

    Reid is amazing. This summer he was elected ski team MVP and this fall for his team (correct me if im wrong) was awarded rookie of the year for Madison. Reid is a freshman force to be reckon with. He has pushed himself a lot this summer and fall to get to where he is. Reid is outgoing, talented, smart, and determined to learn more and fight his way to the top. I have not seen anyone dive into Collegiate skiing to connect with a team and progress as a skier like Reid had. Rookie of the year material. #WeSki4Reid


    Adam Unke

    Ryan Schipper – Iowa State

    Talent like this doesn’t come along very often. Ryan Schipper brought fierce competition to the sport from freshman to 5th year seniors alike. Talk about a guy who swerves around bouys like a hot knife cutting through butter, a man who soars through the skys as if his jumpers sprouted wings and took off. Last but not least he brought some much needed talent to Iowa State’s extra skilled trick team. As an obvious choice for Iowa State’s male MVP, it is my belief that he deserves to be recognized on the regional level for his contribution to his team.



    Ryan Schipper – Iowa State

    Three Schippers walk into a bar (idk, let’s call this bar Iowa State): one eventually goes home, one goes finds his way to another bar (sad), and the third and final brother decides to stick around and hunker down for the long haul.

    That final brother is the one and only Ryan Schipper. His love and passion for this sport rivals none and continues to amaze. Whether it is his turn to ski, to coach, or to drive – he is always looking to get better and help others on their journeys to become better overall skiers.

    This season, he helped ISU make it to Nationals again and they couldn’t be more thankful for his drive and compassion. Being a freshman, he was placed in the 5th round for each of the events, and for good reason. Whether it was getting 98 buoys and winning the GP conference in a ski off, jumping 130 feet, or tricking close to 1000 points – any team would be lucky to have this guy on their team.

    Not only is Schipper great on the water but his character and positive demeanor off the water is like no other freshman that I have seen. When he is not getting mentally ready for his set, you can find him on the dock dancing and pumping up his next teammate.


    Anna Prior

    Kathryn Miller- OSU

    Kathryn “Kit Kat” Miller is by far the best candidate to receive the Rookie of the Year Award. Kat came in to Ohio State this fall with a ton of energy and excitement to be on the team, but with no experience in competitive skiing. Since then, Kathryn has worked tremendously hard to earn an A team spot for all three events. In one season, she learned how to run the slalom course, land a jump, and trick 140. Kat could also be nominated for the hardest worker award, as she was out at the lake practicing almost every day during the fall. Seriously, she probably went to the lake more times than 95% of our team. Kathryn is a natural leader, and I know she’ll be an important part of our team for years to come.


    Adam Koehler

    Greatest impact for a rookie, Marquette University’s rookie tandem of Brianna Lorenz (Sophomore) and Anastasia Cokinos (Freshman). It’s a team sport and without both of these women the team would never had made it to Midwest Regionals.

    By the time Brianna and Ana made it to Regionals with Marquette, their scores had improved to help lead the Marquette women’s team. Brianna lead the women’s team in slalom with 5 buoys and beat out all the scores put up by the Marquette men and women across the entire season except Ben Walczak. Ana was just behind her with an improvement to 3 buoys at Regionals. In trick at Regionals, Ana took the lead for the Marquette women and put up a score of 160 which similar to Brianna’s slalom score beat almost all scores across the entire Marquette Fall season, save 4 scores and 3 of those 4 were the same score of 160 points. Moving to jump at Regionals Brianna took the top spot for the women’s team with a jump of 40 feet (she jumped 45′ at Conference) and bested Ana’s jump of 39 feet.

    After the ski season was finished, these two newcomers continued to impress with their dedication to the team’s improvement by taking on team board positions, Vice President for Brianna and Women’s Captain for Ana.



    Emilee Peterson (Double E) – Miami University

    Emilee is a freshman this year at Miami and she was a secret weapon for us. Emilee is from Texas and had three-evented a little bit growing up, but had taken a few years off. Battling a very busy first semester of classes and some minor knee pain, she was still able to get back into the swing of skiing, even with little opportunity to practice. Emilee tied for 4th in trick at nationals, brushing off the dust of some toe tricks! Emilee also jumped and slalomed at nationals this year. After her break from skiing, we are so excited to watch her continue to improve and be a triple threat for our team!

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