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    The MCWSA
    The MCWSA

    What skier posted the biggest scores and helped carry their team to victory of the past season?


    Lindsay Grajek

    Andrew Dicks- Dicks is the entire package when it comes to collegiate skiing.

    Off the water he is always a leader in spirit, sporting all that maize and blue. On the dock, Dicks inspires everyone nearby with his vocal talents and sick moves (basically you can’t help but ski your best when he has gone into “sicko mode”).

    At practice Dicks is always there to help, whether he is coaching, driving or cleaning the boat. There is nothing this guy can’t do! Dicks also plans many team bonding events on campus so we don’t have to wait until tournaments to see one another.

    As a skier Dicks was 5th round in every event for the University of Michigan. His consistency helped earn the team a spot at Nationals and Dicks himself a spot on the Regional Podium! This season he smashed his PB in every event and continued to improve each practice because of his immense passion for the sport.

    It is a pleasure to watch this guy on the water and even more so to call him a friend. Dicks is a real class act. VOTE DICKS


    Evan Marcus

    Hunter Duffy – UWL


    Evan Marcus

    Jose Luis Tejada – Purdue

    Amazing skier, very humble. Always exciting to watch him ski. Newly awarded NCWSA Athlete of the Year. Congrats Jose!

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    Hunter Duffy

    Jose Louis Tejada – Purdue

    Without a doubt the most worthy skier for this award. Jose skied amazing this past year and that shows with not only winning mens overall at conference, regionals, and nationals but he also recently won NCWSA athlete of the year. Easily the most valuable skier in the midwest.


    Sara Condra

    Jared Lutz – Miami of Ohio

    Other than being a national champ basically as a toddler, Jared has held a pivotal role in the Midwest and NCWSA. Not only has he been a fearless leader for MOH, leading them to 2 D2 national championships, he has also served on the national board, working with rule changes and meet with skiers/ reps from the regions on input as to represent the skier’s best interest. He received this position because of his depth of knowledge, passion for the sport, and impeccable talent & performances skiing year after year.

    My favorite part about Jared though, and why he deserves this award: He is one of the most humble skiers I have ever met. He will slay 35 off in 25 mph wind, and then talk about how great all the other competitors were. He is always looking to improve his own skills and those around him. He is a great coach and a natural born leader.

    Jared understands that it is not just one person that drives success. Jared is all about the team and will always highlight the importance of team depth over individual talent. He inspires every skier to perform their best, for the team as well as for themselves.

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