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    The MCWSA
    The MCWSA

    What male skier put up the biggest scores and made the biggest impact for their team on the water this year?

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    Andrew Shea

    Kevin Dammeyer OSU

    Kevin really anchored the Midwest Regional Champs mens team this year! He put up huge slalom scores into 38 off while also tricking 1400 and jumping 100. 3-eventing is no easy task and Kev-dawg pulls it off. He had a huge impact on the success of the men’s team and was the top or top 2 skier in each event for a strong team.


    Amber Aho

    Mikey Trebisovsky: Iowa State. I nominate Mikey for this award because he was a super vital part to our team this year. With being our 5th round slalom and tricker and 3/4th round jumper, there was always a lot of pressure on Mikey to perform, and he never disappointed. From last year having a pb into 32 mph, Mikey this year was getting into 28 off. He also picked up jumping and was a 70+ foot jumper even though he claimed he hated it. We could also always count on him to put up a 500+ point trick run, which for Iowa State is almost unheard of (kidding,kinda) He’s an awesome 3-event skier and an even better team mate as anyone could look at him for a good laugh from one of his many sassy comments.



    Dan Larson UW Madison

    His 2 ski trick pass alone makes him the top candidate for this award. Quick stick hop dock, back swan before the entrance gates, and ending his pass with a 2 ski front flip are a few of the countless tricks in his arsenal. The most impressive tricker in the Midwest hands down.

    On a slalom ski, mark him down for the smoothest 32mph 15 off pass you’ve ever seen. After he takes a break around ball 3, he skis to shore and executes a must watch tick tock.

    When it comes to jumping, Dan helped elevate not only his own performance but the entire men’s jump team. Through his coaching and implementation of the 2 Step Process, he helped 2 UW Madison team members join the century club at nationals, and stuck a 92 foot jump himself.


    Sara Condra

    Dan Larson, UM Madison or Kevin Dammeyer, OSU


    Evan Marcus

    Hunter Duffy – Uw-La Crosse

    Hunter Duffy… Dunter Puffy… you name it this kid is down right sick nasty. This guy knows his way around a shred stick. On that note he also knows his way around a podium. 1st, 2nd, 3rd I almost feel bad, he may have neck problems from all the medals he wins. He’s been ripping turns ever since he could walk. Yes check the stats he’s made it to all-stars before and no doubt he will this year. Also check the nattys stats because he placed in overall and trick and slalom. Hunter dedicated his summer to becoming a 3 event monster. He went from ride overs to pushing 100 in a year, also he went from the cleanest sideslides and 180’s to flips and tricky icky toe turns. Hunter does the simple things right, and puts in the training of an MVS. Hunter Duffy is an MVS. #angulation #boogienights #MVS


    Zack Worden

    Zack Worden


    Zach Brannan

    Kev D – OSU

    Kevin really pushes our team in all 3 events not to mention a stellar 4th even performance this year as well.


    Julia Marie

    Jared Lutz – Miami of OH

    I nominate Jared for this award for both his on the water talents as well as his work off the lake. Newly elected president of Miami’s team, Jared has truly been an asset to Miami’s team with his slalom talent that has helped bring our team to Nationals for the past three years. With his slalom skills, he utilizes what he knows and morphs all of the coaching he’s received and helps coach our slalom team as well as the jump and trick teams (since he has competed in ski tournaments all of his life). This past summer, Jared also stepped up to the plate and worked on his trick run (which is his least favorite event if you ask him) and even met up with some skiers from MSU to receive some coaching and work on learning new tricks, getting him to an 800 point run which was crucial for Miami’s trick team.

    Jared is a natural born leader and is always looking to help improve our team. Recently, he helped the daunting task of coaching on our team by utilizing GroupMe groups for our teammates who are learning the events or those who are competing for a spot on A team. Using the GroupMes helped our team so much because it helped keep track of how everyone is skiing while also allowing teammates to ask questions about form, speed, rope handling, etc. Furthermore, he dedicates a majority of his free time off and on the water to ensure our team is in the best place it can be. His knowledge of the sport as well as the connections in the ski community he has have left an impact on Miami’s team that will continue to better it for years to come.


    Camille Clark

    Jose Luis Tejada
    Won Men’s Overall. Enough said.

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