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    The MCWSA
    The MCWSA

    What female skier put up the biggest scores and made the biggest impact for their team on the water this year?


    Mike Testa

    I’d like to nominate Bamber Aho. She’s been an insanely valuable skier, both on the water and off. Her scores are high enough to qualify her for all-stars, so that should say enough. It doesn’t stop there, though. She’s also a huge asset to her team, MCWSA, and NCWSA as a whole in off-the-water activities. She’s taken conference, regional, and national board positions and has handled all of the added responsibilities very well. All of this on top of being her team president and running 2 of their own tournaments, plus Alumni Regionals


    Megan Gilroy

    Kristen (K$) Dammeyer!!! Kristen has been a huge scorer for Ohio State’s waterski team over the last four years. Kristen consistently placed first in all three events throughout the 2017 season. She’s just as valuable off the water, helping out immensely with the administrative side of tournaments and coaching and supporting her teammates. You go girl.


    Andrew Shea


    Kristen puts up massive scores week in and week out. She sweeps womens trick and slalom and always places top 3 in jump. She is always winning that top overall spot which really anchors our womens team. Without her tricking 1700, slaloming into 32 or 35, and jumping in the 60’s there would be a huge void in our team scores. She does all of this on the water while also being a big help with admin stuff as well as judging at tournaments. There really is not a better female skier in the region (she won overall at Regionals so…).


    Anna Prior

    Kristen Dammeyer!

    K$ is truly an amazing skier. Between winning overall at Regionals and consistently placing 1st in trick and slalom, there is no one who deserves this award more than her. On top of being a rock star skier, Kristen is also an amazing teammate and friend! When I joined the team, I immediately noticed how her friendly and inviting attitude made all the new members feel very welcome. You can always count on K$ to pick you up when you’re down!


    Summer Lawson

    Nikki Weber

    I would like to nominate Nikki Weber as Most Valuable Female Skier for MO State Ski Team. Nikki joined her freshman year and has dramatically improved her skill set every year on and off the water! Through college she has devoted her life to three-event water skiing! Last summer she worked at Isaiah’s Ski School and came back with dramatically improved PB’s!!!! Nikki also takes on any leadership opportunity she can. She has held positions for MCWSA the Great Plains Conference and has been the Female Team Captain and Treasurer for MO State. This year she has gone above and beyond and represented MO State at the Missouri Water Ski Federation Winter Meeting and has added a new summer tournament as a fundraiser for our team. All in all, Nikki devotes her life to three-event water skiing and loves to improve her own skill set along with the team in any way she can think of.

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    Jenna Meyer- LAX
    Unbelievable talent. Podiums in trick and overall at Nationals.


    Sara Condra

    Kristen Dammeyer, OSU

    Kristen is an absolutely amazing skier. She works hard and it pays off with her impressive trick run and consistent podium positions. It’s no surprise local television wanted to feature her on their show. Not only is she a great skier, but Kristen also served on the Great Lakes board and helped develop dry tournament activities to help the night life of Conferences. It has been an honor to ski and lead as an officer of the Great Lakes with Kristen my past 3 years but she is absolutely the most valuable female skier.


    Zack Worden

    Miss. Zachary Worden … her knees are work $300k … that makes her Valuable


    Zach Brannan

    K$ Dammeyer of course.

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