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    The MCWSA
    The MCWSA

    What male senior made a huge impact for their team this past year? Maybe they posted impressive scores, helped grow their team, or did something else to leave a positive lasting effect for the MCWSA!

    Let us know your nomination below!


    Jessica Carr

    Alex Clark (MSU)– Let me tell you a little bit about this talented, goofy, amazing person/ skier. Alex Clark has done a lot for the MSU team over the years. He not only developed our team in talent by coaching skiers day in and day out, but he also helped develop relationships between team members and others in the ski community through sponsorships and officiating at tournaments. He helped get our team more involved in the ski community as a whole, which in turn lead to many of us getting better.

    Alex was also a big points skier for us. Alex was always the best or close to the best in every event for our team. This included coming out of jumping retirement when our team needed the points. Alex always pushed his teammates to try to beat him and gave them credit where credit was due when they beat him.

    Alex also announced a lot of regionals and was lending a hand anywhere that it was needed at tournaments. Alex overall left his mark on midwest collegiate waterskiing, as being a great guy in general. Oh and let me not forget to say that he is the NCWSA male outstanding leader of the year (http://www.ncwsa.com/2017-award-winner-outstanding-leader-alex-clark/).


    Megan Gilroy

    Outstanding is an understatement for Ohio State Men’s Captain Zach Brannan. It’s hard to say which event is Zach’s best because he consistently racks up huge scores in all 3. Being a century club member, consistent buoy slayer, and 890+ point tricker, Zach brings in big points for our team. In addition to his skiing ability, Zach’s goofy personality and charismatic nature makes him an ideal captain and friendly face at tournaments. Zach’s an A+ skier and friend!


    Sara Condra

    Alex Clark, MSU

    There is absolutely no one more deserving of this award. As Jess stated earlier, he was nationally recognized as Outstanding Leader.

    Michigan State would not be where it is today without Alex Clark. He joined the team his freshman year and was automatically a leader. Whether it was supporting his teammates, learning the ropes (literally ;)), or networking with judges and other AWSA & MCWSA members, he was hooked on waterskiing and just wanted to learn more and more and get more involved. Alex helped us gain a whole new sponsorship to finance our boat payment, has put in and taken out the course every year, created a WHOLE NEW TOURNAMENT during summer months for our team called “Spartan Buoy Bash”, and countless other tasks.

    Alex is always more than willing to bring both new and returning members out to the river at any time, whether that be 7am or 8pm to drive and coach them, even if that means he does not get to ski a set himself. Alex even correlated his school schedule to provide more time during the day for driving/coaching. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is. There are some days when Alex is at the river quite literally from sunrise to sunset.

    From a more broad perspective, Alex is one of the only collegiate drivers to assist during tournaments. In addition to judging, scoring, and driving, Alex is friends with people all over the United States and supports everyone. He assures the first round skier feels just as important as the fifth round and understands that it is the team that wins tournaments, not just individuals.

    Alex is a perfect representation of collegiate skiing because coming to college, he had never run, or even seen, a slalom course before. Graduating his senior year, Alex was top 5 men in the Midwest overall, as well as seated 3rd in slalom. All his success is directly correlated with his work ethic and dedication to our team and to the sport of waterskiing.

    Alex will never brag about himself, and it has been an honor to serve by his side as co-captain and watch him act with such humility and devotion in everything he does.


    Zack Worden

    I started having grey hairs, that makes me a Senior right? … Zack Worden

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