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    What male senior made a huge impact on their team this past year? Maybe they posted impressive scores, helped grow their team, or did something else to leave a positive lasting effect for the MCWSA!

    Let us know your nomination below!

    AvatarNicole Willy

    I believe that Chris McGinnis from the MSU Waterski Team is the most deserving of this SkiAmmy. Throughout Chris’s time as a skier for MSU thus far, he has served on eboard for three of his four years, with two of those years serving as our president. He has helped grow our team into what we are today. For me personally, Chris was the first person to talk to me and made me feel welcome and supported from the first time I met the team. In addition, his scores in tournaments speak for themselves. The guy is a monster at jump, kills his trick runs all the way to the flip, and puts up an impressive score in slalom as well. He placed in men’s overall in most tournaments, including regionals. I really hope you consider Chris from MSU for this award! -Nicole Willy

    AvatarAnjelica Werning

    Kyle Provost- WMU
    To say the least, WMU did not have a good ball rolln’ the first few weekends of our season. You can say that Kyle was the tape/glue for our team; keeping us together during the rough times, making sure everyone’s equipment was ready to go in his truck, getting people ready for their dock starts, and on top of being a great leader he was still skiing his booty off! Kyle had a 4th place podium this season as he got into 36 mph at our first tournament. WMU truly would not have been this successful without Kyle!

    AvatarAnna Prior

    Sam Reifsteck from OSU!

    Sam is absolutely the most deserving candidate for this award. Sam did everything that makes an outstanding senior so outstanding- posted huge scores, helped grow the team, organized, lead, and supported everyone. Everyone in the Midwest knows that Sam has incredible skiing ability. At D1 Nationals, he had the second highest jump score for non-scholarship athletes. (133 ft, WHATTT). Also a killer slalomer. As our president this year, Sam went above and beyond his duties. He organized every event, drove the boat at seriously almost every practice, and would skip taking sets for himself so new recruits could ski. He did practically all the boat maintenance by himself and just really went above and beyond in every facet of collegiate waterskiing! He is an outstanding senior, teammate, and prez!

    AvatarEvan Marcus

    Hunter Duffy – UW La Crosse

    Hunter is outstanding. What he has done for this team and community I am beyond thankful for. If you can not find hunter at a tournament, you can probably find him at the top of the scoreboards, in the drivers seat, or giving credit to your ski pass, hunter does it all. He has done so much to help tournaments run smooth over the duration of his 4 years. Hunter has also had a tremendous impact on the performance of our team. We are all able to learn so much more with his knowledge on the sport. We are so grateful to have his boat driving skills, coaching skills, and crazy good ski talent. Hunter’s consistent high level performance has supported our team to much success over the course of the season. This year Hunter demonstrated hard work, patience and sacrifice. He suffered and injury this summer that slowly affected him more and more during the season. He fought through it for a bit, but decided to sacrifice his position at regionals to help his recovery and the teams score. Hunter is a true team player and cares about the growth of our team, sport and community. I do not know how it would be possibly to get to where I am today without his coaching, motivation, and positive mentality. I am truly thankful for him and believe he is truly deserving of this award.

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