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    The MCWSA
    The MCWSA

    What female senior made a huge impact for their team this past year? Maybe they posted impressive scores, helped grow their team, or did something else to leave a positive lasting effect for the MCWSA!

    Let us know your nomination below!


    Allie Steele

    Jess Carr- Michigan State

    From what I saw, Jess Carr was a rock for her team. She always skied well and her team counted on her, everyone from teams all over spoke very highly of her and she was always very personable and happy and passionate about skiing.



    Natalie Marcus – UW – La Crosse
    Natalie has been a huge asset to La Crosse for four years now and our fearless leader for two. She took on the role of President with big dreams and has worked hard to keep our team thriving. She has been our most consistent women’s skier for multiple seasons, in addition to being our top women’s jumper for numerous seasons as well. This year at D2 Nationals she placed 5th in Trick and narrowly missed a top 5 Overall spot. She was consistently at practice, not to only better herself but also to help coach other skiers. She set high expectations for her team and her Exec Board, but also knew how to balance fun and work. She always pushed herself and never settled for less. Natalie has been a staple of our team for four years and we are extremely sad to see her eligibility come to an end.


    Nick Ostrander

    Jean Klochko Bull (MSU)


    Brad Eick

    Jessica Carr (Michigan State)

    Let me tell you a bit about Jessie. Her dedication to this team is obvious; both on the water training and off the water running the team. Jessie took over as Vice President her Junior year and grew into the Prez role for her Senior year this year. She’s done a phenomenal job with everything she’s touched.

    Oh, and she’s a pretty good skier too! Getting a podium overall finish at Regionals was well deserved. She not only consistent, but posts some very big scores as well.

    Jessie deserves this award as much, and more, than any of her peers.


    Amber Aho

    Tiera Salitros: Iowa State. Even though Tiera is only a junior here at Iowa State, she’s sadly leaving us next year to study abroad, so this was her senior ski season. Tiera has made a huge impact on the team since joining as a freshman. From freshman year getting 2 buoys a tournament and being totally new to jumping, she’s made enormous improvements. She now can run into 32 mph and is a 60+ foot jumper. But it’s not her scores that make her perfect for this award, it’s her love for the sport and team. Whenever you see Tiera, I can guarantee she has a smile on her face. She’s always laughing and having a good time with whoever she is with. She’s a friendly face for new members and has always dedicated a lot of time to helping the team. She’s going to be a huge loss for Iowa State next year and not one easy to replace. We will miss her passion and fun-loving attitude for sure.


    Julia Marie

    Though her name has already been mentioned a few times, I believe Jessica Carr is the most deserving collegiate woman who displays every attribute for the award of “Most Outstanding Senior Female”. I met Jessie at All Stars this past summer and from the moment I met her, I knew I had met a truly outstanding person. She makes every person she talks to feel special and important. Day or night, Jessie radiates her positivity (and relentless team spirit) in everything she does. Her devotion to MSU’s team and teammates is truly inspiring because one’s ski “talent” does not matter take priority to her. Whether it is a girl on the team learning to improve her lands off the jump like Kayla or coaching her teammates on a new way to garner spirit from the crowd (handstand contests, their impressive dedication to green and white body paint and the classic dock jams), I always seem to see Jessie selflessly running around to help her team with a huge smile on her face. Though I am not on MSU’s team, Jessie has made me feel like an honorary member since I met her last summer and that alone is a quality that every collegiate skier should embody to better the water ski community.

    Furthermore, Jessie takes every practice set and tournament run as a way to grow and always looks to it in a positive light, which is something she does that I look up to. It is one thing to ski well in a tournament but it is far more impressive to see her humility after each set as she seems to always be trying to push herself to be better without being hard on herself. She also has always been there to give me and my teammates a high five or a “good job” in passing whenever she catches one of our runs displaying the camaraderie of the sport.


    Alex Clark

    Fueling the Jessica Carr fire: she’s the bomb. She’s the president of MSU’s team and she dropped some huge scores on the competition. Jessica led our team to D1 natty’s to show those southern posers how to run an opener. Can’t say enough good about her, but it looks like other peoples nominations have all the bases covered.


    Evan Marcus

    Natalie Marcus – UW-La Crosse

    Natalie joined the 3 event world as a freshman with open eyes and an open mind. With her strong background in skiing she picked up 3 event skiing like it was nothing. Nat quickly figured out team spirit and has yet to lack in the team spirit category. She started trying new things, constantly setting goals and achieving them to this day. She has made friends from all over the nation in the sport and was one of the main reasons that I chose to go to La Crosse and join the water ski team. She is a top skier and constantly pushed me in men’s overall to try and beat her in women’s overall. I can’t begin to describe how much i appreciated going into freshman year with my senior sis, she was always there to help me get ready on the starting dock, bump up the team spirit for me, and be there when i fall or even PB. I can’t begin to imagine a season without her support and reigning presidency. Natalie truly cares about the team and the sport. She jumped into the exec board and quickly made her way to the top (president). She took her position very seriously always trying to do whats best for the team, communicating with the school trying to provide for the team, always actively recruiting, working with other teams, and preparing the team for all practices and tournaments. Being her brother I always heard of her behind the scenes work, and I tell you, I am truly amazed by how much time and effort she’s spent dedicated to being a great president. Outside of skiing, Natalie continues to push herself in school, never letting ski season put her behind. Nat has a drive when it comes to school and skiing, never letting a teacher say she can’t do better or a friend say she can’t break another PB. Look up some nationals scores and you’ll quickly get to know her, you can’t hide the podium from her, she’ll find a way to get there. This past season Natalie took the secretary position for the Great Plains conference. Nat may almost be out of eligibility, but she’ll still be there to support the team, conference, and sport in anyway possible.

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    Zack Worden

    Miss. Zachary Worden


    Nikki Weber

    Sabrina Kowalik- Mizzou

    This year was Sabrina’s fifth with Mizzou ski team and she has come so far from her freshman year for the team on and off the water. Going from never running a pass to running into the mellow yellow loop (28 off). All after completely obliterating her ACL wakeboarding, we can forgive her she hasn’t wakeboarded since. Off the water she has been huge for Mizzou, even going out and purchasing a boat for the team to practice on, after their previous boat lease was no longer working for the team. She single handily organized multiple collegiate tournaments both spring and fall ones. This year she joined the Missouri Water ski Federation board, and is leading in Missouri 3 event skiing. Sabrina is dedicated to the sport of skiing as well constantly going to the lake to practice whether its with a group of teammates or even to ski alone and learn from Mizzou’s Lake owner. Sabrina is always wanting to be on the water, in summer 2016 when I spent at home she would travel over an hour from work straight to my parents house to practice trick multiple times a week, every single time she would show up with 5 gallons of gas, occasionally I had to tell her not to, for the tank was too full. She was the dream ski buddy in that sense, doing so much for what was sub par skiing on a semi public lake with quite a bit of traffic. Sabrina has shown dedication to water skiing her entire 5 years at Mizzou, and will continue to in the future in Missouri 3 event skiing.

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    Zach Brannan

    Jessica Carr – MSU

    Rocks overalls on water, rocks our socks off it.


    Tiera Salitros

    Natalie Marcus,

    There is no one more supportive and dedicated than this girl. I have known Nat since I was a freshman and she has become one of my great friends. She has worked extremely hard over the years to help build her team into what it is today. She will truly be missed in the sport of collegiate water-skiing.


    Jack Ralph

    Natalie Marcus
    Natalie lives for UW LAX waterski, She has put endless amount of time into her team over the last 4 years of her waterski career. I cannot think of a more deserving member from the great plains region. Talking to her on sunday or monday morning after a tournament is probably some of my greatest memories, her voice being completely gone from cheering on her team the entire weekend. Talking about team personal best, how we manage our team’s, things that have worked for her things that haven’t. She helped me become a better leader over my two years of presidency at UW madison. I could always bounce an idea off of nat on how my team could improve and she would often give me a perspective I never would have thought of. nat and I would text call or discusses many aspects of collegiate skiing on the boat as she was passing through madison on the regular last summer. She helped coach myself and many other Uw madison skiers this summer. Natalie is one of the most selfless people I have ever met and is so deserving of this award. It didn’t matter what you asked she was there and took care of it. The only thing I consistently told natalie was delegate delegate delegate. She tried and many times succeed in doing amazing things for her team all on her own. I am not sure UW lax waterski would be what it is today without Natalie Marcus. she is going to be a lifelong friend that is for sure

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