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    The MCWSA
    The MCWSA

    What female senior made a huge impact on their team this past year? Maybe they posted impressive scores, helped grow their team, or did something else to leave a positive lasting effect for the MCWSA!

    Let us know your nomination below!


    Nicole Willy

    Sara Condra



    Sara Condra – MSU



    Jenna Meyer (LAX/MAD). Top talent on the water. She even attempted to run 39 off at D1 Nationals. Her toe turns & side slides are the sauciest in the game. #VoteTheREALJmeyer


    Hunter Duffy

    Claire Hansel – OSU

    The past summer I had the privilege to work and ski with Claire everyday. Over the summer she improved a huge amount that led her to have an outstanding senior season. This season, Claire became very familiar with the podium. At conference she individually placed first in trick, jump, and overall which led her team to winning conference! The next weekend at regionals she placed 2nd in trick, 1st in jump, and 2nd overall which also led her team to winning the regionals! To be able to perform at this high of level each weekend and dominate numerous tournaments throughout the midwest, she easily has earned the most outstanding senior female award!


    Evan Marcus

    Sam Granec – UWL



    Gabbie Tasch – UW-Madison

    From being an international show skier, world record holder (3 women heli!!), apart of the 2018 World Champ USA Show Ski team, and featured in the UW-Madison news for her accomplishments, Gabbie came full force into the collegiate 3 event world this year. She’s landed herself on the jump podium at Conference, Regionals and Nationals, (pb’ing every time) and the overall podium at Conference. She was always up and ready to go, encouraging all skiers, no matter the team or the skill level. You may recognize her by her signature “More Flair” chant:) She has made Madison’s team and Team Midwest so welcoming to the newbiews and has a knack for getting a smile out of anyone. Furthermore, she balanced her academic life accordingly and finished her Kinesiology degree in 3 1/2 years, knocking out those science courses with ease. She has plans to go ski in Germany for a year before starting PT school. Talk about the ultimate package of a senior lady.



    Amber Aho – ISU

    Amber is a force to reckon with. She’s a true 4th eventer and still shows up ready to rock n roll the next morning, usually having organized all the boats/officials/volunteers and her own team before the rest of us ski bums emerge from tent city. She manned 3 tournaments this year (even flying in 2 officials so a tournament could happen), skied at the top level, served on the NCWSA board, and was nominee for NCWSA’s Leader of the Year. The girl does it all plus more, a true senior lady idol.


    Roy Hagglund

    Lindsay Grajek – UofM



    Amber Aho – ISU

    This woman has changed ISU’s team for the better. She is incredibly driven and is crazy about this community. Sam Granec hit the head on the nail with her nomination for Amber and I support everything she has said

    Working along side her this last year, I learned a lot about what it takes to run a team and a collegiate tournament. I am forever grateful for her teaching the rights and wrongs of leading a team to success. Her ideas and guidance will carry on this with this team for a long time to come even though she has moved onto the next chapter in her life. The Iowa State team will always happy to call her our fearless leader.

    Through her great leadership and love, she taught this Iowa State team to lend a helping and do what is right. Her passion rubs off onto other and her adventurous spirit is truly one-of-a-kind. She is a true role model and a true outstanding senior female.


    Anna Prior

    Claire Hansel- OSU

    Claire is the definition of outstanding! This girl has worked extremely hard all four years on the team to not only improve as a skier, but to grow OSU’s team and the sport. This past summer, Claire worked down in Tennessee at Swerve. She immediately became our 5th round skier for every event, and consistently earned a spot on the podium at every tournament. In one summer, Claire went from running 32mph to getting into short line, tricking 20 (yes, 20) points to 910, and jumping in the 40s to 75ft. Claire’s fantastic athleticism was huge for our team, contributing more team points than any other skier on the team. Claire is not only a stellar skier, but a great leader as well! Claire is the President of our team, and she has worked tremendously hard to lead our team on and off the water. Claire is looked up to by everyone I know, and I definitely think she deserves this award!

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