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    The MCWSA
    The MCWSA

    The precision required to jump into the century club means that any error can be disastrous. A popular saying among collegiate skiers is “One for the team. One for yourself. And one for the hospital.”

    Who took this to heart and had some of the scariest jumps this year? Videos and photos highly recommended!


    Kayla Patnode

    Pat Taylor from GVSU


    Allie Steele

    Koby Shaykin from WMU


    Brad Eick

    Pat Taylor – GVSU (proud of u bud!)


    Mike Testa

    I personally think that Will Lamonica should win this every year for all of eternity


    Alex Krauter

    Pat Taylor- GVSU


    Alex Clark

    Pat Taylor GVSU, even dropped the handle so that he could stare down the side curtain without distraction. Missed her by a hair.


    Sara Condra

    Pat Taylor, GVSU
    My friend is a really great jumper, no matter what part of the jump he’s flying off of, it certainly will be memorable. He also see’s holding onto the handle as a suggestion, not a necessity.


    Julia Marie

    Brendan Jennings – Miami of Ohio

    Although Jennings didn’t actually hit the side curtain head on, he did take a pretty bad fall at Nationals in Louisiana this past fall. He had the “100 or hospital” mindset going into his last collegiate jump run ever. He double cut and took a nasty fall and yard-saled his skis off. Oddly enough his foot was bothering him pretty bad and we told him to just ski in and not jump anymore. However, due to Jennings’ enthusiasm for the jump squad and reaching the century club (he jumped in the 90s) he decided to finish his last jump despite the obvious pain. He launched off his final jump and almost rode it away but unfortunately, he didn’t ride it away and ended up having to go to the ER due to his foot. We all found out shortly after that his ankle was fractured and his final fall distance was 101 feet and if he would of rode it away he would have made the century club! Nevertheless, Jennings is th perfect person for this award because he fully exemplifies the “100 or hospital” mindset and a true passion for the best event event out there!


    Zack Worden

    Hopefully not Zack Worden


    Jack Ralph

    MR. tips in sam smogard


    Camille Clark

    Jonathan Moss from Purdue

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