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    The precision required to jump into the century club means that any error can be disastrous. A popular saying among collegiate skiers is “One for the team. One for yourself. And one for the hospital.”

    Who took this to heart and had some of the scariest jumps this year? Videos and photos highly recommended!

    AvatarAnna Prior

    Luke Sclamberg-OSU

    Sclam is literally a wild man. I don’t know if any of you saw his jump set at regionals, but all of OSU was pooping themselves. He technically didn’t hit the side curtain, but dang did he come close.

    His first jump, he hit 100 and broke into the century club. Everyone on shore was going wild, and he was obviously really pumped up. He comes in for his second jump, so high on adrenaline from his first jump that he cuts SO late, realizes his mistake, lets go of the rope with NO control and barely misses the ramp. Truly one of the most exciting jump sets I’ve ever seen. Coach Debbie no longer trusts him to three quarter. Proud of him for taking 5th at regionals!!!

    AvatarHunter Duffy

    Evan Marcus – LAX

    Even though he never actually hit the side curtain this year, Evan Marcus is always willing to push the limits, and the corner, to get the big jump. This kid also never passes up on a jump. He was able to make it into the century club before he ever passed on a jump. I think after watching him ski for the past three years I have only seen him pass a total of one time. This just shows he is always going to be an exciting skier to watch. If you saw his jump at nationals in San Marcos you’d know what I mean, talk about a gnarly jump. Evan will always be someone to push the limits, aiming for white and hoping for red, willing to risk his body at whatever costs to where I believe earns the right as Most Likely to Hit The Side Curtain.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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