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    The MCWSA
    The MCWSA

    The precision required to jump into the century club means that any error can be disastrous. A popular saying among collegiate skiers is “One for the team. One for yourself. And one for the hospital.”

    Who took this to heart and had some of the scariest jumps this year? Videos and photos highly recommended!


    Hunter Duffy

    Nikki Weber – Mo State

    Nikki has improved quite a bit in the jump event over the past fews years. To get the top of the ranking’s list you need to push your limits sometimes… and that’s exactly what she did at the Hawkeye Ski Fest tournament this past fall. For whoever was there, I’m sure you heard about Nikki’s jump set. She was wanting to push her limits by go later this set and that’s exactly what she did. She went a little too late. Her jumpers did not make it onto the ramp leading her to crush the side certain and body slamming the top of the ramp then doing a full on 360 in the air while her body was sideways. Personally, I’ve seen a good amount of crashes this season that could potentially receive this award, but after seeing Nikki’s crash, in my eyes. she has easily earned the name of Team Midwest’s Most Likely to Hit the Side Certain.


    Mark Coyne

    Timmy Sullivan (Illinois)

    Timmy is a freshman who joined the University of Illinois Ski team last fall and is a character. He is crazy and lives life on the edge. The first practice he ever went to he face planted around 1 ball and came up yelling “I love eating shit”. At conference he went of the jump for the first time. he failed all three attempts and each time he hit his ass on the jump surface and yelled “This is awesome I love crashing”. hopefully he will learn to land a jump next season but until then he will enjoy crashing.


    Evan Marcus

    Nikki Weber – Mo State

    I remember it like it was yesterday… I was taking the trek around dream lakes headed back to the land of tents while conversing on the my telephone, when suddenly I saw a late cut out of the corner of my eye. I saw fear amongst skiers, many cringes and concerns as I witnessed the Weber wipeout. But on a serious note Nikki is a phenomenal jumper always out there pushing her limits and doing whatever it takes to earn another PB.


    Adam Unke

    Evan Marcus – LAX

    For those who watched Evan jump at nationals, he may not have hit the side curtain but surely there’s more than one way to go wrong when jumping. After an interesting approach on which direction to keep his tips, Evan had by far one of the most greatest fantasticest wipeouts of the decade. In conclusion, coughing up blood afterwards was but a flesh wound for our esteemed team midwest representative.


    Anna Prior

    Evan Monaghan- OSU

    Although Evan did not have an insane jump wipeout this season, I believe he deserves the award for “Most Likely To Hit The Side Curtain” for the sheer awkwardness that was his jump crash at Nationals. Picture this: Evan is cruising down the lake, approaching big red, full of confidence and excitement. He makes his turn towards the jump but decides he doesn’t feel comfortable hitting it this time around. He decides to pass, but doesn’t quite make it all the way past big red. His right ski clips the left side of the jump, and he comes flying out from behind the jump for everyone to see. I’ve gotta say, it was pretty embarrassing. Just give the man the award to make him feel better about himself, alright? (See picture below)


    Mark Anderson

    I will never ride in the boat with Nikki Weber ever again.

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