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    To get better at anything, it takes consistent practice. Trial and error. Failing and overcoming those failures. In water skiing, this is especially true – the number of times you have to fall on each new trick is often a serious barrier to an individual’s progress.

    Who do you think was the most improved skier over the past season? It could be a team or an individual!

    AvatarJoey Gilroy

    The University of Akron had an insane growth and improvement over the past year. Last season, they had three members, and two skiers.

    Since then, the team has grown to fill out a full, competitive men’s team, and a small (but growing) women’s team.
    The men’s slalom team now has 2 skiers at full speed and cutting rope, another running into 34mph, and then another couple getting into 28mph. The trick team needs to score a minimum of 200pts to make A team, and the guys are 5/5 landing solid jumps.
    The two girls that they have are also solid skiers with a ton of potential to grow into the sport. With a freshman already running into 28mph and landing jumps.

    I honestly think that Akron is a full girls team from making regionals in their third year of existence, and a good girls team from nationals.

    AvatarStephanie Sieben

    University of Illinois

    University of Illinois has come a long way. 2 years ago they had 3 members and failed to compete in any tournament. Last year they grew to about 15 members and managed to attend Conference for the first time in 3 years. They managed to put a team together but didn’t have bibs to compete. They managed by sharing an old Tshirt. This year they have increased to about 30 active members and competed in 2 tournaments and had actual bibs! they also managed to successfully host the Regional tournament without the help of other teams. Overall, the Illini Waterski team has gone from a “dead” team to a relevant team in a matter of 3 years.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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