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    The MCWSA
    The MCWSA

    There’s always a number of variables we have to deal with at tournaments. It can be rainy, windy, and downright freezing – but when it’s your turn on the dock, you always have to do your best to push through. What skier best fought through the conditions weekend after weekend to consistently put up quality scores for their team?

    Tell us who you think deserves the “Most Consistent Skier” award!


    Nikki Weber

    Katy Pfefferkorn – Missouri State

    Katy Pfefferkorn was Missouri State’s 4th round skier, always showed up and put valuable points on the board. Slalom had the same score almost every weekend with huge improvements from last year, never failed to miss her opener, not even in practice. She has the most solid two ski trick run that you can alway count her to stand up and put points on the board. She’s always stomp out jumps no matter the weather or ramp condition. I don’t think she’s had a tournament Jump crash ever in her colligate history… Missouri State would not have had nearly the success they had without Katy on the water.So proud to have her as a teammate on the water and proud of her hard work.

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    Allie Steele

    Kyle Provost- Western Michigan University

    Kyle is a great skier and we could ALWAYS count on him to eat shit around three ball in a tournament. Very consistent all season.


    Evan Marcus

    Jack Ralph – UW-Madison

    He’s got a trick run down to the science.


    Zack Worden

    Consistent lover of team mid west … Zack Worden


    Nolan Fink

    Jack Ralph.

    His trick ski pass is rock solid.


    Zach Brannan

    Andrew Shea

    This man tricked lights out at every tournament we went to this year. Pretty sure the only variability in his scores were judging “errors” (maybe got him a PB?) I don’t think anyone really knows how trick works, I certainly don’t. Anyway, Shea rocked it this year week in and week out.


    Jack Ralph

    Maddie garrison UW madison
    Every tournament maddie (or mad dawg (she really loves that)) will go out jump 50+feet, trick 500-660 and crush the slalom course on a pair of jumpers like no one else. Earning her way to number one slalom, getting into 28mph on a pair of jumpers at nationals right after someone got into 38off. her scores were absolutely crucial to our team and she put them on the board every single tournament and she has for the past three years. Maddie probably has some of the most consistent women’s scores in the midwest. on a side note I have heard her sister is very attractive.

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