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    The MCWSA
    The MCWSA

    Which female freshman made the biggest impact for their team this year in the MCWSA?

    Be sure to tell us why you think your nomination should be selected!


    Nikki Weber

    James “Jimmy” Eagleburger- Missouri State

    Jimmy has hit the ground running for Missouri State as a freshman this year. As a stranger to everyone on the team, Jimmy stepped up on and off the water as a huge help to Missouri State. Whether it was learning to jump, and by the end of the season jumping 60 ft, after never hitting a ramp. Jimmy’s that crazy wakeboarder who starts his run with a flip, and then actually lands it in trick. Slalom he’s running into short line, finishing every pass with a hand drag. Off the water Jimmy has helped with boat maintenance and has helped by pulling the team equipment trailer to and from tournaments as well as moving the boat around. When it comes to maintenance at Lake Freddie Jimmy always is first to hop on the task and not afraid to go above and beyond. I’m excited to see what Jimmy does for Missouri State in the next 3 years.


    Mike Testa

    Jack Misina – Marquette.

    Jack showed up to MU’s first practice and wasted no time running the course, landing his first jumps ever, and putting on a toe-show for the team in trick. Jack was MU’s top performer in slalom, trick, jump, and overall in all 3 tournaments they competed in this year. Aside from his performance on the water, Jack also put in a lot of time off the water. Jack spent time coaching his teammates from the boat while I drove, or vice-versa, and also managed to get his Assistant Judge’s ratings in all 3 events after just 3 tournaments. Jack has also been active in off-the-water social and fundraising events across the Midwest, and has made himself well-known throughout our conference after just one fall season. Additionally, he’s spent time at local lakes, learning to put in and remove buoys, wax ramps, and put in and remove the ramp. He’s made quite an impression on the local AWSA skiers and has continued to foster the relationship between those sites and the Marquette team. Finally, Jack has been elected to MU’s executive board as Treasurer, and has been instrumental in fundraising efforts, as well as replacing and repairing aging equipment.

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    Evan Marcus – UW – La Crosse
    Even before school started, Evan was itching to hit the water with UW – La Crosse and Team Midwest. He took all the challenges of freshman year in stride and always with a smile on his face. He was at practice, for the entire practice, everyday. He helped coach countless skiers, always with words of encouragement and patience, and regularly helped lift spirits when a skier was having a tough set. He made practice a fun and inviting space, consistently talking with new members (despite being a new member, himself) and always trying to recruit. Furthermore, he worked just as hard on the water as he did off. Always saying, “one more pass” or trying to sneak in an extra set, he sought as much time on the water as he could and never let a bad set get the best of him. He was a major part of our men’s team this season (half of it, to be exact) and was consistently a top scorer. He was regularly pb’ing at tournaments and always reaching for that extra buoy or a few extra feet. Off the water at tournaments he could be found offering words of encouragement (before or after a pass), running to help with equipment, or trying to find other ways he could help not only our team, but others as well. Furthermore, after all the skiing was done he spent many hours working on schoolwork, making sure he didn’t fall behind. Now that the lakes are cold, he still encourages team dinners and get togethers and has been elected to our Exec Board. He is always focusing on how he can contribute to help build a stronger team on and off the water – and he’s only 1 semester in.


    Sara Condra

    Chris McGinnis, MSU

    Chris joined the team as a freshman and has been a critical part of our team since. Chris excels in all events consistently and works hard not only to improve his own skills, but to improve our team now, and in the future. After one season, he was elected onto E-Board, after his second, he is now President.

    Chris has gotten our team countless sponsorships, fundraising events, as well as is always willing to give an arm and a leg for anyone on the team. He has become one of our best trick skiers as well as jumper and is always looking to learn more so he can coach others on the team.

    Although he is a sophomore, I still think Chris is deserving of Male Rookie of the Year because he has really stepped up this year as a skier and leader of MSU’s team.


    Evan Marcus

    Dan Greene – Kansas

    Dan is a sender. Do I need to say more? Have you seen the guy jump? Yet alone all 3 event. Dan is a freshman and when I first saw him ski I think I told myself I need to step up my game. The future is bright for this guy (everyone put your shades on). If you don’t know who dan is, he was the guy jumping twice the distance of the majority at conference. He can tear up a course and in 20 seconds can leave peoples heads spinning. Constantly wrapping up wrapping out, spinning and ending his pass with flips. I truly hope i can be this good by senior year.
    I had a blast meeting new people this season and especially other freshman like Dan. He always came ready to ski with a big smile, and never lacked in team spirit (he had some sick team paint at nattys). Congrats on the season Dan, rookie of the year has your name all over it.


    Zack Worden

    Zack Worden


    Camille Clark

    Jose Luis Tejada, Purdue
    Ball state fling: 3rd slalom, 1st trick, 1st jump, 1st overall. Great Lakes conference: 2nd slalom, 3rd trick, 1 jump, 2nd overall. Midwest regionals: 6th slalom, 2nd trick, 2nd jump, 1st overall

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