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    The MCWSA
    The MCWSA

    What skier has been the most supportive over the past year? Maybe they helped carry jumpers down the lake for every skier on your team. Or possibly helped coach and drive practice all season?

    Be sure to tell us why you think your nomination should be selected!


    Nikki Weber

    Alison Gray- Missouri State

    New to the team in her senior year, last year, Alison changed her life for waterskiing, literally delaying graduation for a second season on the Missouri State team. Never skiing before collegiate skiing. She was a crucial points landing her first jumps this year and staying consistent after it, I’ve never seen someone try harder to conquer big red. Behind the scenes Alison was huge for Missouri State stepping up countless times to help with the tournament, not afraid to get her hands dirty around the lake, and always being an ear to listen when school gets tough. I cannot thank Alison enough for all she has done for Missouri State Waterski in such a short time.


    Allie Steele

    Ryan Horvath- Western Michigan

    Ryan was new to the team this year and not super familiar with the water, but was ALWAYS more than happy to help out with people’s equipment, to do whatever he was asked, to put in hard work and always had the best, most supportive attitude towards everyone.


    Brad Eick

    Kayla Patnode – MSU

    I can’t remember the last time she wasn’t on the dock for a skier. From the dock jams to the full lake runs to pick up a skier, this girl epitomizes “supportive”.


    Margaret Silhasek

    Spencer Johnson from Nebraska <3

    I don’t think there was a time I went off the dock when Spenny wasn’t there waiting with me, and then meeting me to help carry my skis afterwards. No matter how, umm, rough, his previous night may have been, Spenny was up and waiting on the dock with our first skier. He’d help them carry their skis, give them last minute tips, and give last minute words of encouragement. Spenny has been a great Team Captain over the past couple years and was always there to support his team!



    Chris Kownick – ISU
    I have yet to come across a more supportive, genuine, caring person on and off the water. I could always count on hearing Chris; whether it be down at the dock, exiting the water, or even after the skiing was done for the day, he never ceased to be there. No matter the team or skier, he would be cheering them on, helping carry equipment, or asking how a pass went. Even when he was busy helping out in the boats or on the dock, his support for every skier never lacked. In addition, he was always putting smiles on faces and frequently had a cheesy joke when someone needed pick-me-up. It’s hard not to notice someone so kind and supportive tournament after tournament, always there for others and lending a helping hand.Team Midwest is extremely fortunate to have a member and skier like Chris.



    Joey Gilroy–UC
    Joey walked on the team as a brand-new freshman this past August and was voted Men’s Captain by November. Since day 1, he has been ready and more than willing to help with just about any task. He always asks how he can help the team and simply takes many responsibilities upon himself. Every tournament, even if he wasn’t skiing, he was up at the crack of dawn each day and on the dock with his teammates to help pump them up and support them. Joey is an amazing, friendly, kind, fun, and hardworking person, making him a wonderful teammate, new officer, and a valuable athlete.


    Nick Ostrander

    Megan Gilroy (OSU)


    Megan Gilroy

    Katie Ellerhorst! Katie is an AMAZING teammate who is just as fun as she is supportive. Whether she’s out on the dock cheering on Ohio State or singing “No Problem” by Chance the Rapper for us, Katie brings such a positive energy to the team. She NEVER lets a teammate go off the dock uncheered and knows how to talk to someone who’s set didn’t go as well as they had hoped. O-H! K-T!


    Anna Prior

    Katie Ellerhorst, of course! Katie is the sweetest, most enthusiastic, and by far one of the most supportive skiers in the Midwest! Katie’s positive energy on the dock is sure to pump anybody up. On top of that, you can hear her cheering for her teammates all day long! Everyone on our team is lucky to have Katie as a teammate!


    Anna Prior

    Megan Gilroy (Gegan)

    You can see this gal’s smile from a mile away. She can be first off the dock at 7:00, and will STILL have a grin from ear to ear! Gegan’s love of waterskiing and happy attitude is what makes her an incredible teammate! Meg never lets a skier, whether they’re from OSU or not, go off the dock without support. She knows just the right thing to say to cheer up someone who is having a bad day!



    Samantha Granec – UW LAX

    Sam is undeniably the most supportive skier out there. She is always on the dock for everyone and is always at the end of the lake to pick you up if you fall. Sam is always screaming and cheering whether it is with a mega phone or with a cowbell, you know she is there. At tournaments, you will find her dancing on the dock trying to hype you up for your jump or trick set or you will find her deep in the trailer trying to find your equipment for you. You can always count on Sam to be like your second mom in the most fun and helpful way possible. Away from tournaments, she is always at practice helping out and riding in the boat. Even off the water, Sam is the most supportive skier. She helps with rides to practice, she feeds hungry team members, and she is always down for a study session.


    Alex Clark

    Anna Geyer MSU. A rookie with some serious spirit. She knows how to make you feel like a super star AND get down at a dock party. At nationals this year she crippled herself jumping and told everyone to stop taking care of her so that we could cheer our teammates on. Putting the body on the line for spirit… ridiculous.


    Sara Condra

    Anna Geyer, MSU

    For all the reasons Alex stated above!! Even when she is in the spotlight and sticking all these new tricks, she still reverts the conversation to other’s accomplishments.
    Humble? Supportive? Both.
    Deserving of this award? No doubt in my mind.


    Zack Worden

    THE_ZACK_WORDEN … follow me on Instagram


    Chris McGinnis

    Kayla Patnote – MSU

    There has not been a time Kayla was not the first one at the dock and last one to leave, jumping, dancing and singing, hyping up our skiers before sending them off. She would even stay and support skiers of different teams and send them off the dock if their team wasn’t there.

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