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    The MCWSA
    The MCWSA

    What skier has been the most supportive over the past year? Maybe they helped carry jumpers down the lake for every skier on your team. Or possibly helped coach and drive practice all season?

    Be sure to tell us why you think your nomination should be selected!


    Lindsay Grajek

    Kaleigh Carlone- For those of you know don’t recognize the name I am sure that you would recognize the voice. KC, as we like to call her, was our team’s spirit captain this season. She was on the dock all day, leading cheers and dancing with all of her might. The amount of energy KC brought to the dock at each tournament would match that of the energy expenditure during a marathon!
    Not only was KC our greatest cheerleader, she was also a kind friend who was there for anyone on the team. She made friends with every new member and also made it a point to get to know those on other teams.
    Though KC is a brainiac taking crazy difficult courses, she still made the team a priority and attended every single ski event this fall.



    All of ISU


    Evan Marcus

    Chris Kownick -ISU


    Evan Marcus

    Sam Granec – UWL



    Mari Youngquist – UWL

    If we had a contest for who had the most steps by the end of the season, Mari would have won by a landslide. She was at the end of the lake, picking up any & every skier – ALWAYS. She was in just about every picture of people walking back from their pass, carrying skis or waving the flag, or just being there for support. She always had words to lift spirits or that congratulatory hug. She helped pack our trailer every night and was up cheering the first people off the dock in the morning. She volunteered to help out at tournaments and was always talking to the newbies at team practices. She seemed to know everyone (always waving and smiling at skiers as we walked to the starting dock) by the end of the season, a direct correlation to her overall, continuous support for Team Midwest Skiers.


    Megan Gilroy

    Sam Reifsteck from Ohio State!

    We all know that Sam is a super talented skier, but he is also one of the best teammates off the water that you could have. You can always find Sam spending hours at our practice lake driving the boat, coaching, and fixing whatever needs to be fixed, all with a smile and good sense of humor. At tournaments, there are few people cheering more loudly for their teammates than Sam! He’s also in charge of our fundraising efforts, like our yearly alumni tournament and our team running concessions at events in Columbus. Sam is an awesome balance of responsible and fun. We owe a lot of our success this season to Sam’s dedication to the team!!

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    Alaina Clague

    Gabbie Tash- UW Madison
    Gabbie has driven this team in a new direction with her spirit (sometimes referred to as “flair”). Her permanent positive state of mind and can-do attitude rubs off on every teammate new and old. Gabbie is a supporter on and off the water. Her experience in show skiing (an extremely team-oriented sport) has transferred perfectly to the sport of 3-event skiing as she came full force into this past year’s season. She was and is extremely dedicated to this team and the people on it, but she doesn’t stop there. You could find her cheering just as loud for many other team Midwest members because Gabbie truly cares about and supports this entire team Midwest family.
    As a leader, I look up to her and her spirit and endless support will be missed on the water next year. Kill it in Germany, love!

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