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    The MCWSA
    The MCWSA

    While pure on-the-water talent is something we’d all love to be blessed with, sometimes it takes painful fall after painful fall to make progress as a skier. On top of that, the only way we can all enjoy the benefits of tournament weekends is due to the work that team captains, coaches, board members put in each and every season.

    Who did you see putting in the most effort for themselves or their team this year?


    Nikki Weber

    Hunter Duffy – LAX

    I spent the summer with Hunter Duffy at a ski school in Missouri, and of anyone in the midwest he might of spent the most time on the water. Hunter is driven to ski, notorious for skiing 4 times a day, and off days for Hunter usually consisted of tubing and more skiing. Almost every jump set would he would say “one more jump” multiple times. I watched Hunter go from never going over a jump to jumping 98 feet at nationals this summer, going 70 + jumps before ever had a single jump crash. Tricking with Hunter is just simply frustrating, he learns tricks in days and flips in weeks, no joke. He went from a 300 pt run to a well over a 1000 pt run in a matter of weeks learning toes and flips. Hunter would take countless hour long trick sets that would leave you exhausted just watching him. In slalom I watched him get frustrated at the clueless blue loop (35 ft/12m) he spent the whole summer working on this pass, and tried many different techniques to finally master it in August. It was not uncommon to see Hunter take multiple slalom sets in a day or have sets that lasted 10-12 passes. Hunter Duffy is not afraid to put in the hard work on the water. At tournaments Hunter is always happy to help out and jump in and coach and judge when needed.



    Hunter Duffy – UW – La Crosse
    Hunter worked at a ski school this summer and came back to La Crosse full of more skiing knowledge than I thought possible and having learned a whole new event (in addition to drastic improvements in the others). He was our top skier and helped carry our team to Nationals. His hard work and dedication led him to 4th in Slalom, Trick, and Overall at D2 Nationals. He was frequently looking for that extra set during practice and was always excited to hop in the water, unnervingly, despite the dropping temperatures. Furthermore, he worked hard over the summer to ensure we had a boat for practice and a spot to store it. During the season, he spent every afternoon and evening on the water, driving and coaching countless skiers. He exercised an extreme amount of patience after hearing, “Hunter, what can I do to improve this” and “What did I do wrong,” over and over again from all our team members. He always pushed our members to work harder and try new things, helping our team grow and improve. He helped lead our team to Nationals not only with his skiing, but also with his commitment to others on the team. He could consistently be found driving the team trailer to tournaments and helping out in the boat or with scoring. He pushed himself on the water, but also in school, understanding the importance of both despite how tough either of them became. I have yet to meet someone more driven and dedicated to the sport and Team Midwest in general.


    Kristen Dammeyer

    Andrew Shea – Ohio State

    Andrew is the continuation of a group of presidents that have truly transformed Ohio State’s Team. Over the past few years, Ohio State has become a dominant team in the Midwest on and off the water. As vice president last year and president this year, Andrew has spent countless hours working on our boat and improving our practice site. Beyond that, he is a regular at team practice, putting in time not just skiing but also driving and coaching. At tournaments, he is either preparing the team to compete, working as an official, or just making sure that our team and others are having fun. Over the past few summers, he has put countless hours into improving his skiing. He is always seeking out ski partners in his home state of NC to help him improve his skills or even sending videos to coaches in Ohio so that he can learn a new trick. And his efforts have paid off – he went from skiing B-team freshman year to skiing A-team in slalom and in trick where he is 5th round. Off the water, Andrew has the enormous task of handling all of the administrative duties of the team and planning our annual Alumni Tournament. Even better, it is clear that he loves the people in collegiate skiing, because he is always concerned with ensuring that everyone has the most fun possible at tournaments, no matter what team. He is usually planning not just the skiing events but also the social/ bonding events. He has been truly invaluable to Ohio State and Midwest collegiate skiing!



    Jack Ralph – UW Madison.


    Julia Marie

    Kelsy Schultz- Miami of Ohio

    Kelsy’s passion for improvement on and off the water is one of many reasons why she is deserving of this award. I’ve known her since our first year on the team as freshmen and since then, Kelsy has worked to improve her talent on the water as well as her leadership skills and support for the team off the water. Though Kelsy competes only in slalom during the tournament season, it is where she channels all of her energy and practice during the season. Freshmen year, Kelsy could free ski but had never tackled the slalom course. From there, she quickly put in numerous hours on the lake that fall and was placed on our A team to ski at our home tournament. Despite not being able to complete the course, she took that frustration and used it only to better herself. Flash forward to this past seasons, Kelsy’s last collegiate season. In the past few summers alone, Kelsy has put in numerous hours at her lake house in Michigan working hard to get that extra buoy and improve her form in the course. With a trip to Swiss Water Ski this past spring break, Kelsy worked with some of the best coaches to further improve her skill as an asset to our team. Even when she suffered from a leg injury last spring that caused her a setback in training, Kelsy persevered and got right back into skiing once she was cleared. Off the water, Kelsy has spent her four years on Miami’s executive board and has served as both treasurer and president. She helped transition the team with purchasing our new Mastercraft as well as getting more involved in winter conference and finally going to Nationals in Louisiana where we won Division II Nationals for the second year in a row.


    Sara Condra

    Jessica Carr, MSU

    Hard work has been in the blood of Jessica Carr ever since I met her growing up, but this past year has really shown me what Jess can do when she is 200% dedicated to skiing. With her many prestigious commitments including double major of AT and Kin, Jess still took the time to get out to the river to improve, even if that means it is 6am and 50 degrees in the water. She hits the gym and goes for runs morning of tournaments to ensure she is fit and ready to go.

    During the summer, Jess would ski 2 times per day and was always looking for ways to get better. When she commits her mind to something, Jess will always succeed. It’s been amazing to watch her these past three years. We will miss her but her hard work mindset that she has instilled in our team will never leave.


    Evan Marcus

    Sam Granec – UW-La Crosse

    Samantha Granec IS THE HARDEST WORKER EVER. Sam simply gets stuff done. She has earned the team mom name for a reason, and is quickly filled the shoes of the notorious PREZ NAT. What i mean by sam getting stuff done is she gets stuff done, always reminding the team of deadlines, payments, info, etc… she does not stop working for this team. Say we wanna go to a ski school for spring break, sam is on it and crunching numbers letting us know all the information we would possibly need to know. Who was there to drive us home from nationals in the middle of the night? SAM WAS. Who always got all the equipment from storage to the practice site? SAM DID. Who brought skiers snacks in their desperate time of need? SAM DID. She will stop at nothing to help her friends and team. She gets us to tournaments and works her tail off to see us succeed. You may be wondering what sam can’t do and I’ve been wondering this for awhile now too. She pushes not only others to do better but herself, constantly learning new tricks and skills. Samantha Granec works hard and gets stuff done while being caring and supportive.

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    Zack Worden

    easy … Zack Worden

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