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    While pure on-the-water talent is something we’d all love to be blessed with, sometimes it takes painful fall after painful fall to make progress as a skier. On top of that, the only way we can all enjoy the benefits of tournament weekends is due to the work that team captains, coaches, board members put in each and every season.

    Who did you see putting in the most effort for themselves or their team this year?

    AvatarAnjelica Werning

    Sam Mills -WMU

    There is not a minute that goes by during ski season that I am not appreciating Sam’s hard work and dedication to the team. He was always eager to be on the water and itching to learn new tricks. Sam started trick skiing during the summer and pulled off a top 5 finish at Allentucky with a trick run of 380 points, and followed with another consistent pass at ripfest with a top 10 finish! Not only on the water, but off the water too! Sam learned the point system like the back of his hand to come up with different ways to maximize our points at tournaments and contributing new ideas to our team on the daily.

    AvatarStephanie Sieben

    Claire Brinkmann- University of Illinois

    The Midwest Ski community has really helped to keep this member in the sport and working hard. She joined our team this year having skied only a few times. She signed up to join us at the tournaments and was interested in trying all the events. She fearlessly tried the jump at the at Conference, she got very close to landing but is determined to put in the time at practice so she can be landing jumps next year. At her first tournament she got up on two trick skis for the first time and scored 20 points.

    At tournaments she went for the slalom course on two skis in her first tournament. Then at conference she decided to try getting up on one ski and she had an amazing experience on the docks. Other teams were helping to encourage her and giving her pointers. I think if it were any other way, she wouldn’t be working as hard as she does at the sport. I can’t wait to see where she will be next season with all of her hard work and determination she puts into the sport

    AvatarEvan Marcus

    Christopher Kownic – Iowa State

    Chris is a driven leader who is devoted to the growth and success of our ski community. He goes the extra mile to make sure his team is running sound and aimed in the right direction. Not only is he working hard to his team but the community as he served as Great Plains conference chair the past year.

    AvatarKayla Patnode

    Jake Markusic – MSU

    Jake is incredibly dedicated to his team as well as the sport of waterskiing. I have never seen someone dedicate so much time on and off the water to improving his skiing. He does this by watching hours of pro ski videos, studying his own ski videos and writing on Ball of Spray. He is very deserving of this award!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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