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    The MCWSA
    The MCWSA

    Did they attend every tournament this season to help out as a judge/driver/cheerleader? Help coach during the day after day, week after week? Provide some necessary gear improvements?

    What alumni did you see make a biggest impact for their team or the region in the Midwest this year?


    Allie Steele

    David Huisman

    While he cannot jump, David Huisman was always willing to help people and coach them, he let us keep our boat at his house and would often come straight to the dock when he got out of work to jump in the boat and coach us. Dave was/is ALWAYS there for us whenever we need him as a coach, resource and friend. Believe it or not he offers some wisdom and is always at tournaments- offering to drive us and our equipment as well as cheer us on all weekend. He stays very active in the waterskiing world especially in the state of Michigan and Western’s team wouldn’t function as well without him.


    Molly Voska

    Also nominating David Huisman. He takes #NoNewFreinds seriously when he has no other friends besides skiers (in the best kind of way) Because of his lack of other friends, he can dedicate his all to Waterskiing, bettering both his team and the Midwest region. David helped coordinate WMU hosting winter conferences, holds the boat at his house (and is always willing to take people out), and helps with not so fun team paperwork like boat insurance and leases. David brought MI teams together this past summer for joint training, so while athletes were across the state while school was out, they were sure to have a place to practice. He pushed the team to get a removeable course which they keep at his house on the lake, which made a huge difference for skiers, getting more course time. David won’t rest till his alma mater makes it to Nationals. Let’s go BRONCOOOSSSSS!!!


    Nick Ostrander

    David Huisman


    Andrew Shea

    Debbie “Coach Deb” Daulton, OSU

    Debbie does it all for OSU! She spends countless hours at the lake driving and coaching (literally every day of the week), lets people ski behind her boat if needed, brings bagels and other food to the lake and tournaments, travels with the team decked out in OSU gear to show her support, judges at tournaments, hosts a team dinner, comes to team events like Team-s-giving, AND gets us hot tub access at Regionals. Debbie is the absolute best and gives everything she has to our team. I cannot say enough about her dedication and willingness to help our team. She has been doing it for years and continues to do so even without kids on the team anymore.


    Andrew Shea

    Dammeyers, OSU

    Karl and Denise deserve some huge recognition!

    For years they have driven pretty much every tournament, scored and judged, and just generally run the tournaments. The amount of time and effort that they give to the entire collegiate skiing community is unparalleled. Their contributions help every single team in the Midwest and has for years now. Denise even scored at Nationals this year. Having this kind of competitive skiing expertise and knowledge is something that our conference and region would be lost without. They really do support the whole region and all of collegiate skiing. This is something that few others can claim to do. They also gave our team some super sick skiers!


    Amber Aho

    Mike Testa. I feel like I don’t really need to explain this nomination. He’s always been there for all of team midwest, doing everything he can to help out and try to help our region succeed. He’s a Milwaukee Alum but doesn’t just put effort into helping their team, he’s reached out to many different teams and gives assistance to any team that needs it.



    Mike Testa



    Austin Fischer – UW LAX
    Always lends a helping hand to the team. He is always down to help out with the boat and driving at practice. He never comes to practice without his smile and abundance of knowledge. Everyone loves him and appreciates all of his hard work he has put into the team over the years!


    Sara Condra

    David Huisman, WMU
    David, in my opinion, has been the #1 candidate for this award for many years. David’s dedication to not only his own team’s skiers, but everyone in the Midwest as well as dedication to the sport in general is so admirable and inspiring. Through my best moments in collegiate skiing and my worst moments in collegiate skiing, David has always been there to lend a hand, whether that be a high five or a hug. His heart is incomparable and it would break my heart to see another year go by that David does not receive this much deserved award.


    Zack Worden

    I love team midwest … and i’m happy all the time … Zack Worden


    Nolan Fink

    Mike Testa.

    Testa is THE most supportive Alumni, not just in the conference, but probably in the whole sport of college skiing. Testa, does so much from judging tournaments, setting up tournament, coaching in his spare time, setting up fundraisers, helping out Marquette and Milwaukee Ski teams. He is willing to go out of his way for to help any skier. Testa has even picked me up at my parent’s house to take me to a ski event. His love and support for water skiing is truly something I envy. Thank you Testa!


    Zach Brannan

    Karl and Denise Dammeyer of OSU

    As the Dammeyer era of midwest waterskiing draws to a close, these two deserve some recognition. Look at your latest facebook profile pic, its you, shredding gnar. Who took the picture? Denise Dammeyer of course. This lady takes approximately 20 billion pictures per tournament and makes everyone in the midwest look waaayyy better at skiing than we actually are.
    If you’ve ever been to a midwest tournament than you’ve probably taken a pull behind the infamous Karl D. Toothpick dangling out of his mouth, he probably gave you a comforting grunt of encouragement as you hopped in the water, the only reason you actually ran your opener this tournament.
    Seriously though, these two RUN THE MIDWEST. Driving, scoring trick, judging all day long, they make the tournaments possible. They welcome us to their lake make the OSU alumni tournament possible. They rock.


    Jack Ralph

    Testa, he just won’t go away. #dolessmiketesta.com
    But in all seriousness testa makes tournaments happen for team midwest. He has stepped up in a huge way and lives and dies for team midwest.

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