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    The MCWSA
    The MCWSA

    Did they attend every tournament this season to help out as a judge/driver/cheerleader? Help coach during the day after day, week after week? Provide some necessary gear improvements?

    What alumni did you see make the biggest impact for their team or the region in the Midwest this year?


    Lindsay Grajek

    Alex Clark- Alex attended many tournaments this season including Regionals and Nationals. He served as a driver, judge and most importantly.. a handsome cheerleader ;). His love of skiing helped athletes from many different Universities improve their skill sets this season. Alex is also a member of the alumni committee. (Plus he brings his dog Walter around and what else could make us happier?)


    Evan Marcus

    Natalie Marcus – UWL



    Andy Vespestad

    Without a doubt in my mind when I think of the Most Supportive Alumni, I think of Andy Vespestad.

    He is always around and ready to lend a helping hand: his love and support for this sport is incredible. Whether it is being Chief Driver to the country’s largest collegiate tournament (pulling over 220 skiers in multiple events and managing 5 boats over 2 lakes) or teaching Iowa State skiers in his free time, Andy is there to make sure this sport lasts. This is why this award is so important, it’s people like Andy that make this sport what it is today and the ISU team is incredibly thankful for him.

    Not only that, he represented Team Midwest as our senior driver for the 2018 Collegiate Nationals and did a tremendous job in helping pull over 120 skiers in one day, on one lake, each day. He thrives on the water, as it is his passion to ski and to watch people grow up to achieve amazing things. He has affected so many peoples lives that it is hard to count, he has been in this sport for years and it really shows.

    From there, Andy’s help doesn’t end. He trains new boat drivers, helps set up Conference, trailers and cleans boats, and even is working on becoming a regular Scorer. The man does it all.

    Whenever any team needs any kind of help, Andy is there. Whenever the team is looking to have a little fun after some skiing (if you catch my drift), Andy is also there. Yet another reason why he deserves this award – he loves spending time and being around any type of water skier. He is the epitome of what a Supportive Alumni should be.



    Andy Vespestad

    I can’t say it better than Chris, so RT that one.


    Adam Unke

    Andy Vespestad- I’m going to have to RT Sam’s RT for Chris’ post

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