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    The MCWSA
    The MCWSA

    Keeping each team active and running properly takes a tremendous amount of effort from team captains. The paperwork, organization, and drama can be overwhelming.

    What team captain has done an amazing job of helping grow their team and push them to success this past year?


    Molly Voska

    Nikki Webber-MoState
    Nikki has taken her team so far in the past few years. She has grown her team in size and ability, with such dedication to the sport. I watched her at regionals this year and never had her eye off her teammates from them moment their round started till they were back at the team tent after a set. She coached from the dock, the sand, the water, the food line….And can we talk about her KILLER jump at regionals? I met her in Spring 2016 when she was just learning to jump at regionals. She has improved immensely and deserves some recognition. Nikki also helps her team host both spring and fall tourneys, and is an advocate for her team and conference.



    Keeley Williams–UC
    Keeley has been Women’s Captain for my whole time on the team thus far. She was so welcoming, helpful, and encouraging at my first few practices. She is the first one up at every tournament, even for the boys, waking everybody else up for the beginning of competition. Keeley takes her role very seriously and will be there with you from the time you’re just gathering your gear to the time you hop in the water, and even then you can still hear her cheering for you as she runs down the shoreline to cheer you on further down the lake. As soon as someone finishes their event, she’s the first one to be up and running to meet them as they get out of the water. She’s the best captain a skier could ask for, and she’s going to make an awesome VP this coming season!


    Brad Eick

    Alex Clark (Michigan State University)

    Your 2017 “Most Outstanding Male Leader”.

    To me, that speaks for itself in how deserving he is

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    Jessica Carr

    Julia May (MOH)- Julia is one of the captain that demonstrates exactly what waterskiing is all about. Julia shows a love for waterskiing because of the joy and people that it brings. She is always in spirit (whatever Miami has for a theme that day) with a smile on her face. She is also always prepping her skiers gear and helping them relax and have fun before they go. She is someone who loves the ski community and helping out her team in every way she can.


    Ellie Marie Staver

    NIKKI WEBER!!!!!!!! she works so hard to mostate and is always coming up with new ideas to grow her team and make mostate the best it can be. she is constantly thinking about skiing!!! Her passion for the sport is unreal and she would do literally anything for her team



    Amber Aho – Iowa State

    Amber Aho has more water skiing passion than anyone that I have ever met. Her drive to improve the team, both in skiing and team spirit, comes with the utmost importance. She is down on the dock with every skier, dancing and singing her little heart out and cheering on ALL skiers (no matter from what team). Seeing her do all this and have fun and compete in the mean time, made me get up and follow suit: she is a true model and a natural leader. As you all might have heard, Iowa State won the very coveted Spirit Award at this years 2017 collegiate nationals: that was all because of her, and everyone on the Iowa State team can attest to that. There wasn’t a single time, throughout the entire 3 day tournament, that she wasn’t dancing/singing, running to get a skier, or cheering her head off along shore (honestly, I have no idea how she could even do that). As per her request during that tournament, she made sure that everyone else on the team be up on their foot too and cheer on their teammates. She made the team what it is today.

    Her passion for both water skiing itself and the community that surrounds it, is incredible and unmounted. Not only was her presence at each of the tournaments completely known by everyone attending, she was also out four to five times a week skiing at our lake and improving her skills (logging over 295 passes this past fall). After absolutely killing it as the team president last year, the team elected her for another presidential term this year – a true testament to show that she is a perfect example of the best team captain and that her team wants another round of her.

    As a great captain should, she would sacrifice her own water time to help coach and drive our entire team. She would always put the team before her, making sure that everyone would get a set in and get their shot to improve at something they love.

    Amber Aho is meant for this award.


    Sara Condra

    Nikki Webber, MoState

    Nikki is always looking for ways to improve her team and her talents. She is very supportive and very deserving of this award.


    Zack Worden

    I am the Captain of the Team Captain … Zack Worden


    Mike Testa

    Amber Aho – I’ve worked with Amber at multiple tournaments this past year, even though she’s only been in charge of her own, she’s jumped in to fill in the blanks wherever possible. The cool part about Amber is that when she jumps, so does her team. They have a respect for her like I haven’t seen in quite some time, and are truly ready to follow her into battle at any moment, which is a true sign of a leader. Having her on your side means that you have her team on your side, which has been monumental to me as a tournament director and Chief Judge. She’s been a huge asset and I can’t thank her and IWS enough for their efforts.

    Amber has taken on roles all the way up to the National level, further demonstrating her dedication to the sport and doing what she can to make herself and her team better. I’ve seen her pulling strings and calling in personal favors to make OTHER TEAMS’ tournaments work for them and for me – she’s truly a team player and has earned the respect of many in the waterskiing community for all of her hard work, determination, and selfless giving. She’s a true class act who genuinely cares about this sport and the people involved.



    Mike Testa

    Oh, also, Amber can rock a cow costume and win a booty-shakin contest like it’s nobody’s business. *mic drop*


    Tiera Salitros

    Amber Aho-

    There is no one more deserving of this award. I have known Amber a good chunk of my life and leadership roles come natural to her. We were introduced to this amazing sport when we were dumb, immature freshman. Amber has grown on and off the water as a water-skier. She came into college not seeing a course, a jump, or had even heard of 3-event water skiing. Despite being injured last season, that didn’t stop her from supporting the team and collegiate water-skiing. This season she made a come back as our new president and valuable asset to our team. She has made tremendous efforts to improve. She now slaloms into 34mph and jumps 50+.

    As president this season, there wasn’t a time Amber wasn’t at the lake pulling people. She never said no to anyone needing a pull, even our new freshman. Throughout the whole season she helped run 2 tournaments, put on our whole Conference tournament, and helped at Regionals. Iowa State won the Spirit Award at Nationals all thanks to Amber. When we came to college as freshman, I would have laughed if you said we would win the spirit award in a few years. Amber has lead our team to great things and I can’t wait to see what she does next year as president once again. A huge thank you to her from myself, for always being so supportive and my tweedle twin.


    Camille Clark

    Billy Muth, Purdue
    Whenever you are at the end of the dock, freezing, tired, and nervous there is no one else that you want to be there with you. Billy is great at encouraging everyone on the team and keeping the spirits high. *insert more nice comments here* Billdozer rocks your socks!

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