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    Keeping each team active and running properly takes a tremendous amount of effort from team captains. The paperwork, organization, and drama can be overwhelming.

    What team captain has done an amazing job of helping grow their team and push them to success this past year?

    AvatarNicole Willy

    Anna Geyer from MSU

    AvatarDevin Reeves

    Matt Kalbacher from Ohio State has been an amazing captain. Although he is technically only captain of the men’s team, he made a huge difference for both the men’s and women’s team. He is always supportive and willing to help anyone with their trick skiing or slaloming. His responsibility in making sure everyone is up and where they need to be was so important to our team. We would not have been able to have a successful season without his leadership!

    AvatarAnjelica Werning

    Anna Geyer- MSU

    To one of the most caring, down to earth, and cheerful people I know, nobody else deserves this award more! This smile could light up any ski lake and demonstrated so many leadership qualities this season. Including last minute equipment fixes on the dock, powering through an ankle injury at conference to keep the team morale high, and working hard to help send her team off to nationals!

    AvatarLauren Bacal

    Andrew Dicks from the University of Michigan cares so much for his team!

    AvatarAnnie Morris

    Maggie Peplow from Miami

    If you have seen Maggie at tournaments you have most likely seen her dancing on the dock to whatever song her skier requests (aka strictly Dance Monkey or Truth Hurts), chugging a Red Bull to stay energized to cheer on every skier regardless of what team they are on, or doing anything she can to help the tournament run smoothly. Having Maggie as a captain means nobody ever has to worry about slip ups in registration or rosters, you will never have to stand on the dock alone, and you will always have someone to hype you up. Maggie has put her heart into Miami University and Midwest water ski and will always be someone that is looked up to as the epitome of a team captain.

    AvatarAnna Prior

    Matt Kalbacher (Ohio State) was an outstanding team captain this year. Known for his awesome tricking, Matt led by example by showing how hard work and consistency is the recipe for success in skiing. Matt’s tricking ability, which led him to 3rd place at Regionals, played a big part in Ohio State’s success this year. Matt was always up early in the morning to cheer on the girls, and was supporting the team all day long until B-slalom wrapped up. Matt is a great leader, who we will miss a lot next year!

    AvatarMaggie Page

    Andrew Dicks – Michigan 
    Serving as our Men’s Captain for not one but two seasons, Andrew Dicks really showed up this season and stood out as an outstanding leader on a team of a lot of seniors. Referred to by some of the underclassmen on out team as coach, that nickname really embodied how he went above and beyond typical captain duties of sending skiers of the dock and helping them with their 3-events. Through coaching 4 people to landing their first jumps this season (we don’t even have a jump to practice at, he would just take them out and pin them on jump skis in our lake, over and over again to get the hang of the skis), to doubling at least 6 of our upperclassmen’s trick scores through his coaching, constant encouragement, and coaching our skiers he really went above and beyond all summer and all season.
    He came in 3rd overall at conferences and as a 2 year MVP he led by example. Whether it meant getting in the water with brand new kids and helping them get up on a single ski for the first time or coaching others into their money pass, he was always patiently giving pointers to anyone on our team. At tournaments, he could be seen sending off every single person on our team and getting as excited about their success as if they were his own. All of Michigan’s success this year would never have been possible without Dicks captaining our team.

    AvatarEvan Marcus

    Danielle Eriksson – UW La Crosse

    Danielle is a fully committed member of our team who is dedicated to the growth, support, and motivation within our team. She can be found on the dock for every single skier A-B team. From the start of the day till the end, she is constantly supporting the team, always on her feet and raising spirits. Danielle is one of the most caring members as she truly wants to get to know everyone, make new friends, and make sure they all feel apart of the team and community. She wants the team to be success full so she is constantly motivating people to set and achieve new goals. The spark she brings to the team has been a vital part of our recent years growth as competitors, students, and friends.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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