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    The MCWSA
    The MCWSA

    Keeping each team active and running properly takes a tremendous amount of effort from team captains. The paperwork, organization, and drama can be overwhelming.

    What team captain has done an amazing job of helping grow their team and push them to success this past year?


    Anjelica Werning

    Kyle Provost -Western Michigan

    Western Michigan took a couple big steps as a team this year, and I think part of it has to do with our men’s captain, Kyle. He made sure to be on the dock for each of our teammates to encourage them and was always running a bit faster than the rest of us to help them out of the water. Kyle would constantly enthuse the team, no matter of their performance. During practice, Kyle is always working on perfecting his form and setting a good example for the rest of the team. He coaches teammates with enthusiasm and nobody ever seems to be upset when Kyle is in the boat.


    Evan Marcus

    Chris Kownick – ISU

    I cannot say much as am not on his team but what i see in Chris surpasses most. Chris is a born leader. From being a captain this year he became President of ISU and Chair of the Great Plains. I have been fortunate to be on the dock and around Chris because he’s always their to support not only his team but his friends. I felt like he was a captain to me this year. Chris is always there to brighten the mood and turn a bad set into the best set ever. Chris is one of the best teammates anyone could ask for. I wish him the best of luck on his cross sea studies and can’t wait for another season with such a great leader and friend like him.


    Roy Hagglund

    Lindsay Grajek – UofM


    Sam Mills

    Kyle Provost- WMU

    Before I came to Western in the fall I hadn’t skied much, but when I was determined to get better Kyle was just as or if not more determined to help me get better. Kyle helped me get up on 1 ski even though I struggled and it took a while he stuck with me through my frustration. Every time one of our teammates is about to leave the dock for their run, he’s always the first person to be standing on the dock waiting for them to take off. Since I joined the ski team Kyle has not only became a friend on the ski team but a friend outside of the ski team. Kyle’s dedication for waterskiing goes beyond anyone’s dedication for a sport I’ve seen. The whole fall season Kyle dealt with a nagging ankle injury. When he wasn’t skiing he was nursing his injury 24/7 but still determined to compete in his next event.


    Alaina Clague

    Jarad Meyer – UW Madison
    Jarad was the ideal match for the captain role this year. He took this position to heart and every member on our team benefitted from his leadership and guidance. There was not a set taken that he wasn’t there prior to, giving last minute tips and encouragement. It is so important to have a captain that cares about every member (A or B team) and their success and Jarad showed us that from start to finish. Kind, motivating, an all around genuine dude, the team has learned a lot from him and he will be missed!



    Evan Marcus – UW Lax

    Evan took on the Captain role running this year. He began the non-existent Midwest Spring season by reaching out to potential team members and trying to organize many team bonding events. He encouraged team members to step out of their box, even convincing a car full of Skigles to venture down to Purdue Springfest (12 hour drive) for a short weekend of skiing. He continued on into the fall season full of energy. Always at practice, helping organize logistics of tournament weekends, or fixing skis, this dude did it all. He was always checking in on both our men and women skiers and never letting a great pass go unnoticed. When running for our team president this year, everyone talked highly of his Captain performance this year, explaining how he made every single team member feel included and important. He lives and breathes skiing, but not just for himself; Evan the most selfless skier, captain, and friend I know.


    Evelyn Shafer

    Maggie Peplow – Miami University Oxford

    Having graduated 12 seniors last spring, we came into fall 2018 season with a pretty new and young team. Maggie made sure to step up as a leader on the team going above and beyond her duties as captain. Maggie was on the dock for each and everyone of her skiers, hyping them up and making playlists for each individual person. Even though she barely slept trying to make sure everyone and everything was good to go; she always had a huge smile on her face. After cheering for her skiers she would offer insight to make sure everyone was skiing the best they could. With a new team we needed a lot of help teaching and Maggie would go down to the lake whenever she could to help beginners. Having such a positive and strong influence on our team set the tone and really helped to set us apart from our competitors. Maggie is devoted to both her team and this sport and I can’t think of a person more deserving of this award.

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