The 2018 Tournament Schedule Has Been Released:

April 14-15

Ulman, MO – Mizzou
Swerve – Purdue

April 21-22

Sunsite LTD – Moraine, OH Dayton
Dream Lakes – ISU

April 28

Crown Lake – KU

May 19-20

Ackers’s Point – WMU

Sept 8-9

GL Skier’s Runway
Waterloo, IA – Iowa
Lake Freddie – Hartville, MO – Missouri State

Sept 15-16

Tivoli Gardens – MSU
Pleasant Shores – Van Wert, OH
Ulman, MO – Mizzou
Stillwater – Marquette

Sept 22-23

GLCC Pleasant Shores – Van Wert, OH
GPCC Dream Lakes – Huxley, IA Iowa State

Sept 28-30

Regionals PITS – Decatur, IL

Oct 11-13

Nationals SMRR, San Marcos, Texas TSU & TAM

Bylaws Have Officially Been Updated

It’s been a long battle to adjust our outdated bylaw system to reflect the current system in place within the MCWSA. First and foremost, we updated the procedure by which we make updates! We will continue to work to update them to be as useful and applicable to our organization.

Check out the new bylaws here.

Updates to Officials Applications

Read more on our Becoming an Official page.

Team Midwest Gear

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Meet The MCWSA Board

Christy Kingsmill

Christy Kingsmill


University of Iowa Alumni – Degree in Spanish and Education
Hometown: Roselle, IL
Favorite Event: Jump
PBs: Trick 280, Slalom 3@26mph, Jump 50’
Favorite Non-tournament Water Ski Event: Winter Conference – The entire Team Midwest family gets to be in one place for an entire weekend!
Hobbies: Crafting, Singing, Traveling, Baking, Being supa hawt
Favorite Skison Quote: “The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything that comes along their way!”

Mike Testa

Mike Testa

Vice Chairman

Marquette University – Marketing & Commercial Real Estate
Hometown: Joliet, Illinois
Favorite Event: Do I have to pick one?
PBs: Slalom 4@36, Jump 75’, Trick 810pts
Favorite non-tournament water ski event: Winter Conference!
Hobbies: Skiing, working way too many hours, cooking, Netflix, cat naps, power naps, safety meetings, and a
Favorite Skison Quotes: “Would you rather shoot spaghetti out of your fingertips or throw up puppies?”

Jim Aksamit

Jim Aksamit


University of Wisconsin Alumni – Madison, Neurobiology Major
Hometown: Rochester, MN
Favorite Event: Jump
PBs: Jump 70’, Slalom 4@34, Trick 500ish
Favorite non-tournament water ski event: The Midwest regional quaffing tournament
Hobbies: Workout, swimming, hockey, snow sports
Favorite Skison Quote: “You friggen did er bud”

Michael Newth

Michael Newth

Web Developer

Kansas State University Alumni – B.S. in Journalism/Mass Communications – Advertising
Hometown: Sabetha, KS
Favorite Event: Slalom
PBs: Slalom 3.5@34, Trick 780, Jump 85ft
Favorite non-tournament water ski event: Ski Prom
Other Hobbies: there’s life outside waterskiing? camping, hiking, photography, making t-shirts!
Favorite Skison quote: To first time jumpers – “You can’t get hurt jumping!”

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